Virtualization And Hyperconvergence: A Primer

The physical security world is constantly evolving. The migration from analog to digital triggered significant changes in both the market and required skill set to support these newer technologies. As we usher in the new year, additional changes are on the horizon. While virtualization is not a new concept, hyperconverged infrastructure is becoming more and more prevalent in the security market. This primer will focus on the benefits associated with virtualization and how it applies to hyperconverged infrastructure in the security industry.

From Recording To Reacting: Neural Networks Are Changing Notions Of Surveillance

What this means is that today’s “security” systems are mostly just a vast network of evidence collection devices, constantly recording and dumping data into hard drives, only to be retrieved after something regrettable has happened. Ninety-five percent of all security cameras offer no real-time benefits – there simply aren’t enough eyeballs to go around.