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Genetec Synergis Master Controller Access Control Controller Product Profile

Genetec Synergis Master Controller Access control controller Addressing longstanding customer demand for non-proprietary access control solutions, the Synergis Master Controller (SMC) from Genetec is a controller that allows users to modernise their security operations, migrate to an IP-based access control solution, while leveraging their networking infrastructure and existing equipment and wiring. The SMC is a key component of Synergis , Genetec’s IP access control solution, which facilitates real-time monitoring of access events and alarms, as well as cardholder management and reporting. When used within Security Center , Genetec’s unified security platform, the SMC becomes a catalyst for organisations to evolve to a unified approach for security management. Genetec customers can seamlessly blend their IP video surveillance, access control, license plate recognition, and intrusion monitoring needs within a single unified platform.  “For some time, we’d been wanting to move to a unified security solution for access control and video, but could not afford to waste the significant infrastructure investment we had already made in our access control installation,” states Dick Hamann, Vice President Information Technology and Resources/Chief Information  Officer, Seminole State College of Florida.  “What we really needed was a solution that could leverage and take control of our existing equipment. When Synergis Master Controller was brought to our attention, we decided to set up a pilot site to test it in one of our buildings. The SMC exceeded our expectations; we were impressed with how easy the migration was and how well it performed. The success of this pilot essentially […]

Bosch NBN-733V-P IP-Camera Product Profile

Bosch NBN-733V-P IP camera The Bosch DINION starlight HD 720P and FLEXIDOME starlight HD 720p RD/VR IP cameras are the next real breakthrough in HD security. In poor light these amazing HD cameras deliver a clear colour image where others show only black and white. And in extreme low-light they deliver a black and white image where others show no image at all! Add the Bosch Video Security app and overcome the bandwidth barrier so you can view HD images from anywhere. Extraordinary low light sensitivity With their high sensitivity in both colour (0.017 lux) and monochrome modes (0.0057 lux), the HD cameras work with minimal ambient light, delivering clear images in a multitude of applications, even where poor lighting is the principle challenge. The 60 fps frame rate helps capture fast-moving objects in applications such as traffic and casinos. Usable images around the clock The starlight IP cameras come with Content Based Imaging Technology (CBIT). This Bosch innovation intelligently combines information from the sensor, image pipe, encoder and Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) to dynamically optimise the image for every scene. Bosch CBIT-enabled cameras feature two special modes: intelligent Auto Exposure (iAE), which ensures the optimal image of important objects and intelligent Noise Reduction Technology (iDNR) provides the most usable image possible by cleverly optimising the detail-to-bandwidth ratio. By using this iDNR, the image clarity is improved, and the storage requirements are reduced significantly. The 720p starlight HD camera requires up to 30% less bandwidth than other 720p and […]

Messoa NCB750 IP-Camera Product Profile

Messoa NCB750 IP camera MESSOA Mini Series consists of three 1-megapxiel network cameras, which are the box-type NCB750 , dome-type NDR720 , and the bullet-type NCR770 . Their exceptionally compact yet versatile form factors make them ideal for projects demanding discreet and low profile installations, such as residences, boutiques and retail shops. Compact design ideal for discreet surveillance No bigger than the size of an adult’s hand, the sleek, compact-designed enclosure of the Mini Series allows the cameras to be easily deployed and fit in any environment for unobtrusive monitoring, which is perfectly suited where discreet, covert surveillance is required. Easy plug-and-play NVR solution ready The cameras are designed for complete functionality and plug-and-play integration with MESSOA Lite Series NVR, making installation hassle-free and easily done within a matter of minutes. No need of any complicated network setup, it is perfect for users who are new to IP technology but are looking for an entry-level IP video surveillance solution to replace the previous analogue system. Superior video quality at full frame rate Though small in size, the Mini Series delivers megapixel video quality up to 30fps. The cameras capture every critical moment with smooth video display. Increased frame frequency significantly reduces blurry images and particularly suits motion-sensitive applications. Packed with market-leading features Each camera is further equipped with its own unique features for their respective target deployment and applications. The NDR720 Dome Camera is built in with patented matrix IR LED to ensure wide-angle, even illumination in low light […]