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Aimetis Strengthens Middle East And Surrounding Region

Aimetis announced the appointment of Imad Hamadieh, Andrew Lamb, and Maher Sbenati as the company’s representation for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and North African countries. With extensive experience in the surveillance industry and sales and support success, these individuals will lead Aimetis in continued development in the region. Mr. Imad Hamadieh will […]

Code Blue Hires Bobby Shiflett As Central Regional Sales Manager

Code Blue Corporation, the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, has announced the hiring of Bobby Shiflett as the Regional Sales Manager for Central North America. Shiflett will be responsible for expanding Code Blue’s sales growth and overseeing relationships with manufacture rep firms and dealers in an area that stretches from Texas to Minnesota […]

Axis Announces Nine Promotions In Its North American Team As A Direct Result Of Its U.S. Expansion Plan

Published on 27 Feb, 2014 As part of Expansion Plan, Axis designated six Business Areas in the U.S., namely the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, South Central and West Axis promotes its area sales managers to business area managers Axis Communications , the world leader in network video, recently announced nine promotions in its North American team as a direct result of the recently unveiled U.S. Expansion Plan designed to bring the company closer to its partner network and mutual end-customers. Axis’ three National Sales Managers have been promoted to Business Area Managers and are responsible for the planning and execution of all operations originating from their Business Area office: Karl Radke, Midwest Bill Wendlandt, West Ted Wilkinson, Northeast Additionally, six Axis Regional Sales Managers have been promoted to Area Sales Managers to provide leadership, direction and support to the sales team in their respective Business Area: Chris Cavey, South Central Steve Darragh, Mid-Atlantic Tom Kelley, Northeast Kyle Reinoehl, Midwest Steve Stanberry, West Paul Thompsen, Southeast As part of the Expansion Plan, Axis designated six Business Areas in the U.S., namely the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, South Central and West. Operations that thrive on regional knowledge and face-to-face interaction have moved to each Business Area – including sales, field sales engineering, local event marketing and Axis Communications’ Academy training. Additionally, each Business Area will have a dedicated customer-facing office complete with a customized Axis Experience Center, training facilities and boardroom-style meeting rooms. With Axis offices outside of Boston (Northeast), Chicago […]

Bosch Appoints New Regional Sales Manager

I’m just kinda letting some stuff out. My classes start next week, PTSD and homelessness be damned. If you’re dealing with college, dealing with PTSD, it’s fucking hard. It’s also easy to give up. You look into the future, and there’s nothing there because you just failed all of your classes and got booted out of school. That shit about being a Veteran and being automatically able to handle a simple thing like college– you’ve been through a war, you can handle this– that doesn’t work when PTSD gets involved. You struggle, you fail, and suddenly you’re not coming back next semester. Shit. Now what? No one tells you what to do, just that you can apply for readmission next year. Then the last of the financial aid gets spent, and you’re really screwed. Your landlord makes your life hell trying you evict you at the same time as you’re waking up at 0430 to the sound of machinery moving around, backup beepers that would wake the dead, sand and dust in the air that make outside look and sound and smell a lot like the Desert. You’re in therapy at the VA hospital. You’re in crisis mode. Life sucks. You scrape up enough money to get most of the rent paid, but you can’t find a place to live because you won’t get a good reference from the landlord that runs the place you’re living in. The VA is trying to help but you’re still going to end […]