Bosch Security

Aerialtronics and Bosch Security Projects Pool Their Expertise for Security Video Drones

Aerialtronics and Bosch Security Projects have initiated a strategic cooperation aimed at making “video drones”, or drones equipped with video cameras, for improved security applications. The rationale for Bosch to choose Aerialtronics for this joint project is the high level of reliability, stability and versatility offered by our Altura unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Expanded IP-Camera Portfolio From Bosch Makes Professional Surveillance Easy

The recent release of the IP 2000, IP 4000 and IP 5000 IP-camera families from Bosch Security Systems, Inc. creates a comprehensive portfolio of IP-cameras that make it easy for small and medium-sized organizations to set up professional surveillance solutions. With these cost-effective cameras, Bosch raises the bar and sets new standards in security and data management for everyday surveillance situations, including schools, hospitality sites, retail shops, commercial buildings and more.

Bosch Integrates Video With Intrusion Control Panel App

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. has enhanced its Remote Security Control app for the B Series Intrusion Control Panels to enable users to view live video from Bosch IP cameras that are integrated with the panels. Bosch recently added integration of its IP cameras to the B Series Control Panels, which allows video motion detection to […]

More Installation Options For Bosch FLEXIDOME Micro IP-Cameras

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. introduces the enhanced FLEXIDOME IP micro 2000 and 5000 cameras with a new three-axis lens adjustment feature, which allows installers to pan, tilt, and rotate the lens. This capability gives installers more options for camera placement, allowing easy mounting of the cameras on a wall or ceiling, while maintaining a precise […]

PLE Communications Integrates Bosch DINION 9000 For Perimeter Monitoring

PLE Communications, LLC, a provider of smart video monitoring solutions, has integrated the DINION IP imager 9000 HD from Bosch Security Systems, Inc. with its AVT234 Reconisense Video Motion Detection (VMD) platform. A wide dynamic range sensor and integrated near-infrared illuminators enable the DINION IP imager 9000 HD to extend the AVT234 Reconisense’s range of […]

Milestone Systems Combines Physical And Video Security With New XProtect Access Control Module

Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), has released XProtect® Access Control Module 2014, an add-on product for partners and customers using Milestone video surveillance solutions. This add-on product enables easy integration of third-party access control systems with Milestone video surveillance solutions, and will be shown at the Milestone booth […]

Global Link Response Centre Adds Monitoring Services For Bosch Systems

Global Link Response Centre, Inc. is now offering monitoring services for Bosch intrusion detection systems. The company recently installed a CONETTIX D6100IPv6 Communications Receiver/Gateway, enabling it to receive communications from Bosch control panels. Located in Toronto, Global Link Response Centre provides professional and reliable monitoring and security services to thousands of homes and businesses across […]

Bosch Receives Expanded Lenel Factory Certification Under OpenAccess Alliance Program

Bosch Security Systems has received factory certification from Lenel Systems International for the integration of more of the company’s Internet protocol (IP) cameras with the Lenel Network Video Recorder (NVR) 7.0, as well as certification for additional recording solutions with the OnGuard® access control system v6.6. This expanded certification supports viewing live and recorded video […]

DINION Imager 9000 HD IP-Camera From Bosch Delivers Enhanced Safety And Security For Critical Infrastructures

The new DINION IP imager 9000 HD camera from Bosch Security Systems, Inc. is designed for perimeter protection and the surveillance of critical infrastructures, such as power plants and water treatment facilities. These types of applications require robust and reliable IP video surveillance solutions that proactively guard the property’s fences day and night, regardless of […]

New DINION IP 4000 And IP 5000 HD Cameras From Bosch

Video surveillance as a security measure often requires balancing optimum performance with aesthetics. In offices, hospitality applications or retail stores, design and appearance can be just as important as technical performance. The new DINION IP 4000 and 5000 cameras from Bosch Security Systems, Inc. meet these multiple and demanding requirements by combining the latest technology […]

Two New Bosch Dinion IP-Cameras

The new Dinion IP 4000 and 5000 cameras from Bosch Security Systems are engineered to meet multiple and demanding requirements by combining the latest technology with outstanding aesthetic design. Both cameras offer an attractive range of features with regard to the highest image quality, management of bit rate, and lowest storage requirements, as well as important audio capabilities, cloud-based services plus easy and cost-effective installation. Taking image quality first, the cameras are available in two resolution versions: the Dinion IP 4000 HD with 720p and the Dinion IP 5000 HD with 1080p. The desired amount of detail can be selected according to the intended application, while intelligent dynamic image noise reduction (iDNR) automatically adjusts the level of noise reduction based on movement in the scene. This ensures crisp images and saves up to 50 percent on bit rate and thus memory requirements, considerably lowering storage and overall system costs. As regards audio capabilities, the built-in microphone and two-way audio functionality turn these Dinion IP cameras into even more effective security tools, as the operator or security guard can not only listen to but also question intruders or communicate with visitors who appear to be in need of assistance. Easy installation and configuration are guaranteed by the cameras’ Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality, as well as due to the preconfigured user modes. For retail applications in particular, the cameras come with a direct monitor output, enabling a confrontation monitor to be directly connected to the camera. It is therefore ideal for entrances […]

Bosch Gets Milestone Systems Elite Partner Status

The Danish IP video management software (VMS) company Milestone Systems, has made Bosch Security Systems an Elite Partner in the Milestone Alliance Partner program (MAP). Christian Bohn, Milestone Systems VP Corporate Marketing & Alliances, says: “Our Elite program is the highest partnership level we offer in the MAP program. It represents a partner’s total commitment to achieving maximum return on investment for its customers through superior camera technology and a focus on long-term customer satisfaction with camera solutions integrated to Milestone products. Milestone Channel Partners and customers now gain the advantage of the deepest relationship between Bosch Security Systems and Milestone.” The companies say that they have put in a dedicated and targeted effort on mutual technical and commercial engagement. Milestone says it will provide even deeper integration for Bosch Security Systems’ cameras with support from the XProtect software. And Rudolf Spielberger, Head of the Bosch Integration Partner Program, says: “Our video technology focus is to deliver superior intelligence and analytics, highest quality of video images, most efficient data rates, with lowest storage requirements. And now, through this strengthened partnership with Milestone, we will bring even more unique and relevant cutting-edge features to customers – offering them new integration possibilities.”

Bosch Appoints New Regional Sales Manager

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Bosch Introduces Complete 960H Video System With Cameras, Lenses, and DVR

Bosch introduces complete 960H video system solution with cameras, lenses, digital video recorders (DVR), and monitors. Bosch Security Systems is launching a new portfolio of 960H products that capture more pixels per target object for a maximum sensor resolution of 720 TVL – the highest available for the PAL and NTSC standard. With cameras, lenses, […]