Security Center Synergis

Genetec at Global Security Exchange (GSX)2022

At GSX (booth # 1843), Genetec will unveil the latest version of Security Center which will offer new features to streamline security operations. Genetec will also demonstrate the latest version of Security Center Synergis™, the company’s IP-based access control system (ACS) that provides enhanced cybersecurity, flexibility, and insights. With an expanding list of integrated devices, Synergis empowers users to break free from proprietary access control systems and avoid the long-term limitations and risks of closed solutions.

Genetec Releases Access Control Feature to Help Organizations Identify People Who Are at Increased Risk of Being in Contact With Contaminants or Contagious Individuals

Genetec announced that it has released a new reporting function for its Security Center Synergis  (Synergis) access control system that is designed to help organizations find all people who went through a door in close proximity to someone thought to be contagious. It is conceivable that they may have contaminated the door handle or other surfaces or left aerosol contaminants in their passage. This report helps identify all people who are at increased risk of being in contact with contaminants or contagious individuals.