SiLC Achieves Industry’s Longest Detection Range with Its Eyeonic Vision Sensor

SiLC Technologies has announced that its Eyeonic Vision Sensor has demonstrated the ability to perceive, identify, and avoid objects at a range of more than 1 kilometer. Having previously demonstrated a detection range of more than 500 meters at CES earlier this year, SiLC has now optimized its technology to go beyond 1000 meters –a feat that no other company can claim. Ultra-long-rangevisibility is a requirement in many industries that utilize machine vision, including automotive, metrology, construction, drones, and more.

SILC Launches First Chip-integrated Pulsed FMCW LiDAR Sensor

SiLC Technologies announces the launch of its powerful, compact vision sensor delivering coherent vision and chip-scale integration to the broader market. The new Eyeonic™ Vision Sensor takes LiDAR to a new level of performance by providing accurate instantaneous depth, velocity, and dual-polarization intensity information while enabling immunity to multi-user and environmental interference. These features will enable robotic vehicles and machines to have the necessary data to perceive and classify their environment and help them predict future dynamics using low-latency, low-compute power and rule-based algorithms.