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ACLU Urges More Public Debate on Surveillance Technologies

The ACLU recently released a report regarding how security and surveillance cameras and recordings are beginning to erode at civil liberties. The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California recently launched a statewide campaign to ensure that public debate, oversight, and accountability precede the acquisition of surveillance technologies by law enforcement agencies. Counties and cities across California have spent in excess of $60 million on invasive surveillance technology, and only five of 90 communities studied held a public debate each time they introduced a new element, according to the ACLU report released Nov. 12.

Study: Cops Like License Plate Scanners, Privacy Advocates Do Not

Here are some civil-liberty questions worth debating: assuming you’re an ordinary everyday person going about your life without harming others —an assumption which holds true for the overwhelming majority of people— do you have any privacy rights when you’re outside your own home? Do police have the right to track you, and keep a permanent […]

HDcctv Alliance Provides First Look At HDcctv 2.0 At IFSEC

Surveillance video standards organization HDcctv Alliance will provide the European security industry with its first look at the new generation of HDcctv 2.0 surveillance technologies and products at IFSEC International 2014. The HDcctv 2.0 standards –which were ratified in February of this year– have been developed and agreed for equipment able to produce high-fidelity HD […]

Axis To Demonstrate A ‘New World’ Of Video Surveillance At Counter Terror Expo

Axis Communications, the global leader in network video is all set to demonstrate how video surveillance helps to protect people, property, and assets as well as optimize processes and improve efficiency, when it exhibits at the Counter Terror Expo in April. As well as showcasing its latest network video innovations at the international security trade […]

Seattle PD Is Matching Mug Shots With High Tech

City Councilman Bruce Harrell, during an interview with Crosscut writers and editors The Seattle Police Department  has drafted a new policy to guide the use of facial recognition software.  The department, which came under criticism over earlier efforts to introduce new surveillance technologies, took steps to get outside advice during the development of the policy on facial recognition software. The software would allow police to check images of suspects against a database with 350,000 mug shots from King County. Photos in the database would be of people who’ve been arrested, fingerprinted and booked in jail. The department would purchase the “booking photo comparison software” with pending funds from a Department of Homeland Security grant.  While the technology might give pause to some privacy advocates, the American Civil Liberties Union has backed the policy because it narrowly limits the department’s use of the computer system and sets clear rules for oversight. Under the policy, the department can only use the software to identify “a person whom an officer reasonably suspects may be involved in criminal activity.” This means that cops cannot use the technology to identify witnesses, victims or other crime scene bystanders. The department is also not allowed to connect the database to “live” surveillance feeds, including the city’s currently offline “mesh network.” “It would be a great way to expedite some searching we’re already doing,” Assistant Chief Carmen Best told a City Council committee on Wednesday. “This only allows us to do it much more quickly and much more […]

Euromicron Extends Security Expertise With Two Acquisitions

German network infrastructure services provider Euromicron is acquiring SIM Secure Information Management, based in Rhineland-Palatinate, and ATEC Advanced-Technology Solution from Switzerland. The deals are part of the company’s long term strategy of expanding its production expertise in the field of high-tech security and surveillance technologies, in particular all types of optoelectronic and microelectronic products. Euromicron is acquiring 80 percent stakes in each of the two companies, which develop tailored product and system solutions such as laser-based video surveillance systems, automatic sign recognition, mobile mesh networks, tap-proof mobile communications and radiation-proof building infrastructures for mobile and fixed-line communication via fibre optics. The companies generate sales in the lower double-digit million euro range. The purchase price is in the single-digit millions. The existing managing partners and company founders will continue to manage the group and remain co-shareholders with a 10 percent stake each.

DHS Takes Control Of Arizona Border Blimp

A 208-foot long white blimp has been floating two miles above Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, using radar continuously to scan the area along the border, looking for low-flying aircraft drug smugglers use to bring drugs into the United States. The sensors on board can detect activity in distances of up to 230 miles. The blimp, […]