Tony Porter

MSC Security to Debate the Role of AI in Developing Smart Surveillance Operators

Global MSC Security will debate the ability of artificial intelligence to help Security Managers and Surveillance Camera Operators improve how live incidents are handled. Experts is facial recognition, criminal behaviour will participate in the Developing Smart Surveillance Operators free-to-attend online broadcast on 16th March at 13:00 (GMT). Keynotes will be presented by Dr Craig Donald, Professor James Ferryman and Tony Porter QPM LLB.

Former UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner and Electronic Frontier Foundation Discuss UK and US Surveillance Strategies

In “Eyes Wired Open” the latest episode of Engage, a new podcast series hosted by Genetec Inc., former UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, and Cindy Cohn, executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation share contrasting thoughts on the UK and the US’s video surveillance strategies. From pervasive video cameras to facial recognition and privacy issues surrounding personal information prompted by the pandemic, government and civil liberty organizations on both sides of the Atlantic are responding with very different strategies.