Tampa School Security Company Aims to Make Schools Impenetrable Against School Shooters

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School Shield Security Film, a new company in based in Tampa that installs security film on glass windows and doors in schools, announced its official launch on Wednesday.

Security film, which ranges from eight to 21 millimeters in thickness, is installed and anchored on existing doors and windows, making those glass surfaces virtually impenetrable.

The film is meant to withstand forced entry via gunshots and other weapons (baseball bats, bricks, crowbars, etc.) and gives schools time to implement lockdown procedures and alert authorities in the event of an active shooter situation.

Though the security film is not bulletproof, it does make glass splash-proof, meaning that shattered glass will not penetrate the film.

Security film creates a significant barrier to forced entry by a potential bad actor and is a lower-cost alternative to bulletproof glass. Unlike bulletproof glass, installing security film is a simple retrofitting process that does not require removal or replacement of existing glass doors and windows.

While some school districts around the country have already adopted the technology, Pete D’Abrosca, the founder and CEO of School Shield, says security film should be a universal school security tool.

“Our technology has the ability to completely transform the school security landscape, and should be implemented at every school as a standard security procedure,” said D’Abrosca.

“When you install School Shield’s security film, you’re installing deterrence and time. The average police response time to an active shooter situation is 14 minutes. The goal of implementing security film is to deny immediate entry to a potential bad actor, hopefully causing them to retreat out of frustration. At the very least, security film will afford authorities the time to respond to an active shooter situation, minimizing the risk of injuries or casualties. As more schools adopt the technology, security film should deter bad actors altogether.”

School Shield has highly trained and experienced install teams nationwide who are ready to secure America’s schools.

D’Abrosca, cautioned against turning school security measures into a political debate.

“I did not launch this company for it to become a referendum on gun control,” said D’Abrosca.

“Regardless of politics, we should be able to agree that school shootings are horrific tragedies, and that they are increasing in frequency. We have the ability to make schools safer for our children, teachers and administrators, and School Shield is taking action to put our communities at ease.”

School Shield was founded in 2023 in the wake of the March mass shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville. During that incident, the bad actor shot through a glass door to gain entry to the school, eventually killing six people. With the belief that such tragedies are preventable, School Shield was formed with a single mission: to protect our most precious assets – our children. visit: schoolshieldfilm.com

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Source: schoolshieldfilm.com