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ASSA ABLOY Brings Safety and Security to GSX 2023 With New, Innovative Opening Solutions

ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in access solutions, returns to Global Security Exchange (GSX) to reconvene with the worldwide community of security professionals. Attendees can visit the ASSA ABLOY booth 3033 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX, from September 11-13, where the company will showcase its latest innovations for comprehensive door security and access control.

Tampa School Security Company Aims to Make Schools Impenetrable Against School Shooters

School Shield Security Film, a new company in based in Tampa that installs security film on glass windows and doors in schools, announced its official launch on Wednesday. Security film, which ranges from eight to 21 millimeters in thickness, is installed and anchored on existing doors and windows, making those glass surfaces virtually impenetrable.

Physical Security a Top Priority for Campus Security

Campus life, whether elementary, high school, college, or corporate are intended to be secure places where people can learn, grow, and work. Campuses around the world, nevertheless, have seen violent incidents and threats, and it seems to be increasing in recent years. As a result, Campuses must prioritize physical security measures to guarantee the security of their instructors, staff, students, and visitors.

Armor At Hand and AASA Announce All-New Partnership to Boost School Safety Nationwide

AASA has formed a new partnership with Armor At Hand™, a company that manufacturers Smart Shields™ connected to the internet and are capable of protecting users from handguns and high-powered rifles. The Shields serve as a first layer of protection in the event of an intrusion and serve as an alarm to alert those connected to the system a potential threat is occurring. Armor At Hand manufactures the world’s first lightweight, mobile Smart Shields with internet connectivity.

SilverShield Showcases Visitor and Information Management Solutions at GSX 2019

SilverShield™ Safety & Information Systems will showcase their award-winning visitor and information management system at GSX 2019. The solution is easy to use, cloud-based SAAS approach to security, with several different modules that provide a complete safety solution. The SilverShield Visitor Management System enables staffed or unstaffed visitor screening at all types of facilities.

SilverShield In-app HR & Safety Resource Center Provides Support and Assistance in Creating a Security Plan

SilverShield Safety & Information Systems, providers of the industry’s most advanced cloud-based multi-platform solution, are introducing ISC West attendees to their HR & Safety Resource Center this week. For many, it can be challenging to know where to begin in auditing and analyzing their vulnerabilities. The SilverShield HR and Safety Resource Center can make the connection with a security consultant to provide guidance in determining the best solution for each individual situation.

New SilverShield Self-Service Kiosk Debuted at ISC West 2019 Enables Unmanned Registration

SilverShield Safety & Information Systems, providers of the industry’s most advanced cloud-based, multi-platform solution, is featuring their new Self-Service Visitor Management Kiosk at ISC West this week. The kiosk is integrated with the SilverShield Visitor and Incident Management System to enable unmanned registration for visitors and guests. Visitors can self-register with the SilverShield Kiosk (SS Kiosk) using a Mac or PC computer, iOS or Android device.

SilverShield Showcases Cloud-Based Safety And Information System At ISC West

SilverShield Safety is demonstrating the capabilities of their visitor management and communication software at ISC West this week. Originally developed for school campus applications, the software incorporates a fully-integrated suite of modules including visitor management, lockdown initiation and much more. Designed to expedite emergency security procedures, the SilverShield Visitor Management System enables manned or unmanned visitor screening at all types of facilities.

Poll Finds That Parents Want Bulletproof Equipment, Trained Professionals in Schools

Nearly three in four (74%) parents are concerned about possible shootings at their children’s school this year, according to a nationwide survey of 1,000 U.S. parents of students in grades K-12 by Wakefield Research for Hardwire. The research revealed that most parents want safer schools by way of bulletproof protective equipment (95%) and trained security professionals (89%); in fact, nearly 1 in 5 parents have already purchased bulletproof backpacks, clipboards or other gear for their kids, with the number jumping to 25% for Millennial parents.

Bulletproof Laptop Bag Doubles As A Potentially Life-Saving Shield

Most laptop bags are not much more than a pocket with a strap attached for people to tote more gear around than they can carry in their hands. Not any more. The new MTS™ Multi Threat Shield bag looks like an average black laptop bag, but not only can it carry gear it can also save lives. Built into the MTS is a lightweight and discreet ballistic shield. Whether the threat is an intruder or an active shooter, a quick flick of the wrist swiftly deploys a 3-foot long blanket of protection to defeat multiple impacts from most handgun, shotgun, and pistol caliber sub­machine gun threats.

Crash Course on Campus Vehicular Perimeter Security Systems

Keeping pedestrians safe, protecting structures from accidental or intentional automobile crashes and force protection (keeping employees and visitors from harm) have always been campus safety concerns. A wide variety of campuses find peace of mind through the use of barriers, barricades and bollards for vehicle-based physical access control at their perimeters.

Boston Adds Security Cameras To School Buses

Says system will aid in discipline, safety Andrew Prince, a technician with the Boston School Department, installed a video camera in one of the school buses that will be used this fall. When Boston students board their school buses this fall, they may want to watch what they say and do. Boston is equipping all […]

Be Prepared to Stop Vehicular Violence

While many things have changed due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, some things still remain the same. The threats of vehicular violence are still present even though collisions have become less frequent and traffic, in general, is at a significant low. Preparing for such instances remains a high priority and those institutions that take preemptive action stand to prevent major incidents before they start. Half of the battle against aggressors perpetrating a vehicle attack is pre-planning.