The Latest Advanced IT Security Product Will Help Organizations Drastically Reduce The Risks Of Cyber-Attacks

Reflare LTD launched a new product – Reflare Certified Secure Employee (RCSE). This new product is tailored specifically for organizations who need to upskill non-tech staff in the actions and behaviors that reduce the risks of cyber-attacks and security breaches.

RCSE joins the Reflare Certified Secure Developer (RCSD) and Reflare Certified Secure Administrator (RCSA) products to create one of the most advanced IT security training offerings on the market today.

“Our market research showed 73% of professionals charged with training non-tech employees on IT security found their existing programs to be unsatisfactory,” said Paul Ziegler, CEO of Reflare.

“For content and delivery, we kept hearing words like ‘dry’, ‘irrelevant’ and ‘rigid’. Additionally, cost was a big factor, as was the inability for customization of material in-house without going alone to create their own platform and curriculum from scratch. We have created a product that solves all of these challenges.”

RCSE is a module-based training platform, allowing training administrators to pick and choose the relevant IT security topics suitable to the audience being trained. This brings greater relevance to developing the skills needed, while not paying for material that is deemed unsuitable or irrelevant to trainees and the wider organization.

“We have leveraged the huge advances in the latest Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology to deliver training that is not only personalized, but customizable. Learning & Development admins have the ability to supplement their own material to the modules.This allows the delivery of organization-specific policies or contents, in a relevant and robust training framework, with seamless voiceovers, with scale, at low cost. We believe this market-leading offering will further empower our customers to develop the capabilities now needed to reduce security breaches,” said Mr. Ziegler.

“Over the last three years, we have improved how organizations upskill and evaluate tech staff with our administrator and developer products. We look forward to supporting our customers do the same with their enterprise-wide non-tech talent.”

Reflare is an IT Security training company that helps executives and IT professionals create more secure organizations. Through its market-leading curriculums for developers, administrators and enterprise-wide employees, Reflare enables individuals, managers and businesses to manage IT Security L&D activities in more affordable and effective ways.