The Latest Advanced IT Security Product Will Help Organizations Drastically Reduce The Risks Of Cyber-Attacks

Reflare LTD launched a new product – Reflare Certified Secure Employee (RCSE). This new product is tailored specifically for organizations who need to upskill non-tech staff in the actions and behaviors that reduce the risks of cyber-attacks and security breaches. RCSE joins the Reflare Certified Secure Developer (RCSD) and Reflare Certified Secure Administrator (RCSA) products to create one of the most advanced IT security training offerings on the market today.

MOBOTIX Launches “Cactus Concept” In Video Surveillance

MOBOTIX has announced a raised focus on cyber security by implementing the “MOBOTIX Cactus Concept.” The concept aims to deliver a comprehensive approach to protecting MOBOTIX products against the threat of cyber-attacks along with education and tools to help customers and partners build and maintain secure video surveillance and access control environments. The objective of the Cactus Concept is to implement a multimedia cyber security campaign in order to raise awareness among potential and existing MOBOTIX customers of the importance of data security in network-based video security systems and how organizations can protect themselves through cost-efficient and intelligent solutions.