TLDR Adds Veteran FBI Agent And U.S. Naval Officer To Its Security Services Practice

TLDR announced the expansion of its security division with a prominent hire from the federal and cybersecurity sectors.

Jon Fisher, veteran Supervisory Special Agent and U.S. Naval Officer, has been appointed to Director of Security to lead up the TLDR Security Services team.

Fisher joins a team of seasoned security experts, military officials, and FBI Cyber Agents in delivering enterprise-level security techniques to leading institutions, exchanges, and projects. His years of physical and cyber security experience will further drive TLDR’s overall mission to protect investors and businesses within the blockchain industry against hackers and token theft.

Andre McGregor, Partner and Global Head of Security at TLDR, said: “As investment continues to flood into the emerging blockchain industry, hackers have put a bullseye on blockchain companies who haven’t paid adequate attention to security. We are excited to have Jon join us in our mission to meet this industry-wide challenge. TLDR Security is committed to equipping governments, enterprise, and startups with the security tools and practices needed to protect valuable assets and Jon’s more than 15 years of experience will be an invaluable resource for our clients.”

Fisher boasts extensive experience at the highest level of security management from prior positions at the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C. and three branches of the U.S. military. As a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI Cyber Division and an FBI Cyber Division liaison to the National Security Agency, Fisher led efforts on a variety of investigations including state-sponsored computer intrusions and transnational organized crime rings.

Jon Fisher, Director of Security at TLDR, said: “The excitement surrounding the blockchain industry right now is palpable thanks to the unprecedented pace of innovation, but with this race to innovate comes a heightened need for security. TLDR is not only tackling the cybersecurity problems of today but looking to the future to anticipate preventative security and custody solutions for clients. I’m confident that my expertise will bolster TLDR in its mission to help educate and empower organizations to remain vigilant against security threats.”

The increasing number of companies looking to incorporate blockchain technology into their core business models necessitates equally-innovative security measures.

The TLDR Security division is dedicated to providing world-class security for leading blockchain firms globally. Since its June launch, the TLDR Security division has provided diversified security protocols to assess potential threats and provide solutions to protect valuable, high-risk market participants.

TLDR is a global advisory firm that specializes in tokenization projects and their interface with public markets.