TP-Link USA Unveils VIGI Professional Surveillance Solution and Video Management System at ISC West

TP-Link USA unveiled its full VIGI Professional Video Surveillance Solution at ISC West 2023. As the leading brand of consumer and business networking products for years, TP-LINK now is expanding to provide professional and reliable security solutions for various business scenarios with the dedicated sub-brand VIGI. VIGI features a full suite of network cameras, network video recorders, decoders, solar panel system, VMS with advanced features such as AI-Powered Detection and Monitoring and advanced ColorPro Night Vision.

Cameras/NVRs for Various Scenarios

The VIGI camera line provides bullet, dome, turret, pan tilt and zoom cameras with robust feature combinations including 4MP, 5MP, 8MP, IR, AI Detection, Human & Vehicle Classification, Face
Recognition, ColorPro Night Vision and more.

Around-the-Clock Protection with Superior AI Detection

Practical AI detection showcases how VIGI reinforces security from anywhere and at any time.

● Human & Vehicle Classification: Integrated AI chips support advanced algorithms to distinguish humans and vehicles from other objects, such as flying birds and falling leaves. Users can customize alarm rules to match monitoring needs and receive accurate event notifications (VIGI C340, VIGI C340-W, and VIGI C340I).
● Automatic Tracking: Continuously follow specified moving persons or vehicles with pan tilt cameras when there should be little movement in the area (VIGI C540, VIGI C540-W, and VIGI C540V).
● Smart Detection: Backed by AI algorithms, VIGI offers more smart detection features. Users will receive notifications when someone crosses a boundary, enters a set area, obstructs the camera, removes or abandons objects and enters or exits specific regions (VIGI C440 and VIGI C240).

Face Recognition for an Entirely New Security Level

Advanced face recognition (VIGI C340S) is committed to taking enterprise security to the next level.

● Access Management: Intelligently recognizes and classifies visitors, staff, and strangers to
enhance security in access control.
● Attendance Check: Detect those who are late or absent for simple and efficient personnel
● Facial Blurring: Smartly blurs detected human faces to better protect their privacy.
● Stranger Identify: Focuses on strangers’ activities with accurate detection to inform users in time to take action and reduces invalid alarms that do not need attention.

Dual-Lens Varifocal Technology

VIGI’s dual-lens varifocal technology provides a stunning zoom performance.

● 3× Zoom: Allows for close viewing of objects in expansive areas (VIGI C540V).
● Instant & Silent Zoom: Zooming is instant without suffering from delays and image dragging thanks to a unique TP-Link algorithm. Plus, no more noise from zooming. ● Stable Operation and Endurance: Extra mechanical moving components are not needed, so the camera is less likely to fail and tremble, even while working in complex outdoor environments.

Sharper Details in 4K Ultra HD (8MP Full-Color Camera):

4K Ultra HD—1.6× clearer than Super HD and 4× clearer than 1080p HD provides users an extremely vivid and clear visual experience in various scenarios.

Fisheye for 360° Panoramic Coverage

Fisheye views easily cover four different angles with a 360° panoramic view in a single image, removing the need for multiple camera installations.

VIGI Network Video Recorders and Decoder

The new VIGI NVRs supports up to 64 channels with convenient screen layout configuration. There are options with 8/16/32 channels and POE supported models. Advanced features such as wide motion, screen rotation and mirroring can be set up directly on the VIGI NVR without having to access the cameras. Built-in smart coding improves video compression efficiency with H.265+/H.264+. Motion detection alerts and remote preview/playback ensures that suspicious information is not missed.

The VIGI decoder can decode up to 64 channels and 1080P cameras simultaneously while supporting up to 36 split screens per output. With the 4 x HDMI and 4 x VGA ports, it provides extensive capacity for users to customize for a specific scenario.

ColorPro Night Vision — Stunning Imaging Effects, See More with Less

Featuring high low-light sensitivity, VIGI’s ColorPro Night Vision (VIGI C340S) produces unparalleled colors and crisp images in ultra-low light conditions without any supplemental lights, via a large F1.0 aperture, 1/1.8“ progressive sensor, embedded advanced ISP module and uniquely designed white lights.

Solar Panel System for Simple Customization and Flexible Security

VIGI’s solar panel system is designed for areas where power supplies and ethernet cables are hard to reach.

Modular Hardware Design Ensures Easy Customized Assembly

Customize the solar panel system easily with our lightweight and professional modularized design. Multiple combinations of batteries and solar panels and various types of cameras and network products are available for the VIGI integrated bracket.

High System Stability, All-Weather Operation

● Durable Hardware Design: Ensures long-term usage even in severe weather phenomena such as hurricanes. IP66 Dustproof and Waterproof — Beaufort Scale 12 -30°C-60°C Working Temperature
● Higher Efficiency & Longer Life: Improves the conversion efficiency of light with a Grade-A solar panel (output power up to 60 or 90 W/Pc), ensuring a long lifespan of 25+ years.
● Remote Management: View the status of the entire monitoring system and receive real-time
intrusion and low battery alarms through the VIGI app.
● Simple Installation: Install the bracket in a few minutes and build your solar panel system.
● Wide Applicability: Choose a working angle flexibly to best match your situation and maximize the efficiency of solar panels (20°, 30°, 45°, and 55° are available).

VIGI VMS — Centralized Management for Medium to Large Surveillance Scenarios

VIGI VMS provides 100% centralized management of all video devices and users across sites—all controlled from a single interface from anywhere at any time.

Visual Map Across Sites

The distribution of monitoring sites can be seen clearly from the world map or regional map. By
switching to the floor plan, users can view the network of cameras and their live footage instantly. This feature provides users with situational awareness to respond to incidents promptly.

AI-Powered Monitoring

● Smart Frame: Precisely marks detected movement, people or vehicle objects on the screen, enabling users to focus on essential monitoring details.
● Real-Time Human & Vehicle Capture: With intelligent recognition, VMS will capture key humans and vehicles on screen. Users can easily click on any of the captured images for further details and take more efficient action.
● Density Heat Map: Easily identify both “hot spots” and “dead zones” in stores, allowing users to optimize merchandise displays and analyze promotional activities.
● Pathway Analysis: Find high-traffic locations from the routes of customers to maximize sales.
● People Counting: Understand how many people are in an area at any time and where they congregate.

VCA-Based Smart Search

● Search by Event: Respond quickly by locating a specific target using various event types like area intrusion and line-crossing.
● Search by Human: Quickly filter people based on a range of attributes, such as clothing color,
gender appearance and facial matches. Select a person of interest from a filtered list and check
all videos related to that person for details.
● Search by Vehicle: Identify vehicles of interest based on vehicle color and type to enable
targeting of meaningful events in a short time.
● Search by Face: Search for specific individuals by selecting an existing face from the users
organizational face library or by uploading a face image.

Unified Evidence Management

Collect and manage evidence from different sites quickly. Easily check the evidence status, evidence type and results to make comprehensive decisions.

Multi-User Privilege Assignment

Available to increase management efficiency and security. Multi-person management, multi-level permissions and the ability to add admins as needed enable flexible system operation and maintenance.

Optional Local and Cloud Deployment

Deploy and operate VMS locally or via the cloud, giving users more convenience. The VIGI professional surveillance solution by TP-Link is dedicated to protecting a wide range of businesses of different sizes within different industries. With intelligent functions, reliable quality guarantees and powerful management, VIGI is the ideal one-stop surveillance solution for your next project.

TP-Link is a global provider of reliable networking devices and accessories, involved in all aspects of everyday life.

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