US Schools, College Campuses Have New Security Options

New system turns every surveillance camera on campus into an LPR camera to verify license plate numbers and the state of origin

PlateSmart Technologies announced that it has partnered with Convergint Technologies to protect college campuses with a new security system, which will track all vehicle activity 24 hours a day. At the heart of this system is PlateSmart’s ARES Enterprise License Plate Recognition (LPR) analytic product.

The ARES LPR-based video analytic security system, as explained in the release, effectively turns every surveillance camera on campus into an LPR camera. As a vehicle passes in front of a camera, the image is run through PlateSmart’s software, which immediately verifies license plate numbers and the state of origin. That information is then run against a database such as a criminal watch list or university-owned custom hotlist. If a match is found, an alert is sent to designated users in real time via email or text message.

The system as claimed, securely stores all license plate data it captures and incorporates state-of-the-art analytic tools. Administrative personnel can access stored data and filter it for recognition of vehicle movement patterns or quickly find a specific event complete with a date- and time-stamp. Such information provides security personnel with solid evidence for criminal investigations or for identifying suspicious persons moving on and off campus.

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