Vanco and Tenmat Partner on Fire-Rated Speaker Enclosures

Expanding backboxes prevent flames from spreading through speaker and lighting apertures.

Vanco announces a distribution partnership with Tenmat. Dealers can now access advanced fire-rated enclosures for use with speakers and lighting fixtures through any Vanco distributor.

When installing anything in a fire-rated ceiling, integrators must take steps to prevent the spread of flame through the aperture. 

With Tenmat’s intumescent technology, the interior of the enclosure quickly expands when exposed to the intense heat of a fire, creating a tough char. The highly insulative char seals off any gaps and prevents the spread of flames and heat. 

“Our dealers need fire protection solutions for commercial and high-end residential projects,” says Brandon White, Director of Product Development for Vanco.

“Given the unique size of some of our Beale Street speakers, finding effective, easy-to-install solutions could be a challenge. When we met the team at Tenmat and saw their enclosures, we knew we found our perfect fit.”

Vanco distributors will carry two speaker enclosures sized to pair with the Beale Street line of products:

  • FF109-FRSC – a standard fire-rated speaker enclosure that offers protection and improved acoustic performance for infinite baffle speakers up to 10” in diameter; pairs with the Beale Basics line.
  • FF109-FRSC XL – an extra-large enclosure sized to house Beale Street’s patented Sonic Vortex speakers.

Vanco distributors will also carry Tenmat’s line of fire-rated covers for standard recessed can lights, oversized recessed can lights, LED downlights and troffer luminaries.

Ten-Second Installation, Permanent Peace of Mind

Tenmat enclosures are uniquely simple and cost-effective to install or retrofit. They are constructed from lightweight, flexible intumescent material that can be folded and inserted into a ceiling opening. These enclosures are placed on top of the speaker and do not require screws or sealant. Once expanded, they can prevent the spread of flames and transmission of heat for up to an hour.

“Our products allow integrators to offer greater performance and peace of mind on any project,” says Tenmat Sales Manager Charlie Alfieri.

“They take seconds to install and require no maintenance—but in the event of a fire, they can save a building from total destruction.”

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Tenmat provides a unique range of flexible, lightweight, and ready-to-use products and solutions for the most demanding firestopping applications. Its state-of-the-art, in-house R&D Laboratory and ISO 9001:2015 accredited production facilities have been developing and manufacturing technically superior passive fire protection products and intumescent materials for more than a century. visit:

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