Acre Adopts acre Intrusion Branding to Boost Clarity and Cohesion in Product Lineup

 acre security announced an initiative as part of its ongoing effort to unify and simplify its product offerings. The rebranding  of the SPC intruder detection system to acre Intrusion marks a strategic alignment within the company’s streamlined branding framework. This approach also includes the acre Access Control and acre Visitor Management solutions, bringing a cohesive identity to the entire portfolio.

The move to acre Intrusion reflects acre’s holistic approach to security, underscoring the strength and centralization of the company’s entire portfolio. This naming strategy highlights that acre solutions are both robust and adaptable, tailored to meet the specific needs of customers while offering peace of mind through acre’s demonstrated expertise and experience.

In a market that prizes simplicity and trust, acre Intrusion is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. The new naming convention reflects this, simplifying the identification of acre’s solutions and demonstrating a commitment to ease of use. From the acre Intrusion Gen1 and EVO series panels to acre Intrusion Connect, each component is crafted for seamless integration while maintaining the features and functionality that these technologies were originally built upon.

“Since its inception, acre has been dedicated to transforming security from a complex challenge into a seamless aspect of our clients’ daily lives. The transition to acre Intrusion highlights our commitment to a more modern branding structure that mirrors this mission,”  said Mark Roberts, CMO, acre security.

“This strategic effort also supports the broader acre security solutions portfolio and ensures that we continue to meet the high expectations of performance and reliability that our customers rely on. Also, it is important to reinforce that this initiative is strictly about the branding and positioning of our intrusion portfolio. No products are being end of lifed. We continue to offer the same comprehensive intrusion portfolio, now unified under the acre banner.”

Acre security is a global leader in the delivery of integrated technologies and services. Since its formation in 2012, acre has played an instrumental role in the development and implementation of security technology initiatives on a global scale. visit:

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