Vanderbilt Industries Provides Cloud-Based Security Solutions for Schools

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School is out for the summer, but as the new school year approaches and students return to the classroom, the need for streamlined security solutions has never been greater.

Not only are the typical procedures needed to protect against physical security threats, but the increase of demand for touchless solutions also plays a significant role in educational facilities reopening in a post-covid society.

Currently, over 90% of public schools are already using some type of access control and video surveillance system. While this is an excellent step in the right direction, many are using outdated on-premises solutions which boggle down the staff and are often difficult to manage alone.

Making the switch to a cloud-based infrastructure ultimately saves expenses, and allows for greater security over the institution’s students, staff and assets. 

Because the need for robust security is so vital for those in education, it can often be difficult to manage everything in-house.

Using a solution that allows for managed access control, intrusion detection to be monitored off-site, and data and video surveillance information to be stored in the cloud provides stronger security, fewer expenses, and gives more time for the staff and students to focus on why they are there in the first place. 

“Schools are meant to be a place of safety and security for both students and staff. A true security solution is meant to bring peace of mind and greater security without the added stress of managing it alone.

When schools utilize cloud-based SaaS solutions, not only is the stress taken off the staff, but they can rest assured knowing that they are using enterprise-grade products and working with a team of security professionals to protect their most important assets. ” – Kim Loy, Chief Product Officer, ACRE

Some questions Kim can answer:

  • Why are cloud-based security solutions ideal for educational facilities? 
  • What types of benefits do managed access control solutions offer schools? 
  • What are the latest technology trends in managed access?

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