Viakoo Demonstrates Physical Security Compliance Solutions At GSX 2018


Viakoo demonstrates solutions to assist in proving and maintaining regulatory or organizational compliance at GSX 2018.

The dynamic capabilities of this system help customers ensure—and prove—consistent compliance with physical security regulations across a wide range of applicable industries including: transportation, payment card processing (PCI), electrical distribution and many more.

This solves a persistent challenge in these industries to help avoid the risk of fines or service interruptions.

Working in conjunction with Coalfire, a leading cyber-risk management, and compliance firm, the Viakoo Predictive product was found to fully or partially automate the audit process for 38 specific physical security controls.

Using automated discovery and push-button reporting from Viakoo can save significant time during an audit, and can help avoid the risk of expensive penalties, recalls or other service interruptions as a result of failing an audit.

Additionally, Viakoo sits on the TIA-942 Edge Data Center working group, providing a focus on physical security requirements and cyber hardening of data centers to the group. Viakoo provides the only patented solution available to prove data retention compliance.

Viakoo has joined with the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), which represents the global information and communications technology industry, to comprehensively and proactively participate in providing compliance solutions for protecting telecommunications facilities and products.

“Viakoo offers the only proactive and automated solution assessed by forensic auditors from Coalfire for physical security controls,” said Bud Broomhead, CEO, Viakoo. “By working with Coalfire, and joining with the TIA, Viakoo continues to work with industry leaders to provide proactive, automated solutions for ensuring physical security compliance across industries.”

Many organizations that employ surveillance systems are required by regulations, industry standards, or internal compliance standards to retain video evidence for a period of time (typically 30 to 90 days).

Auditors for industry standards such as PCI, NERC, NIST, TIA-942, FedRAMP, and others, are now required to confirm that organizations systematically retain video data for the required retention period in order to achieve compliance certification.

Viakoo automatically verifies performance of physical security systems and delivers automated proof of networked physical security system compliance. Leveraging purpose-built technology Viakoo quickly and automatically detects physical security system failures, diagnoses problems, alerts users with repair information, and maintains historical records on operations.


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