Video Technology During A Pandemic: How Can We Address New Challenges?

Representational image of man wearing mask during COVID pandemic

The current global pandemic presents businesses and institutions with an array of new challenges beyond security. Businesses and organizations must now implement protocols and address logistical, commercial, and security hurdles.

The panel discussion will feature professionals from key frontline industries affected by the pandemic, including end-users from municipality management and healthcare.

Milestone Systems announced a webinar panel discussion of safety and security professionals, including representatives from Nemours Children’s Hospital Health System in Jacksonville, Florida, and The City of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

They will share insights and ideas on how to address change, support their core mission, and assist other parts of their respective organizations. The webinar will focus on how these three different organizations are using their video management system to help ensure a safe environment for their employees, students, patients, and the general public.

The panel will be hosted and moderated by Tim Palmquist, Vice President of the Americas at Milestone Systems.

“Our goal with this webinar is to bring together security professionals to help them share their thoughts, concerns, experiences, and new best practices with their peers,” said Palmquist.

“These are unprecedented times, and I’m sure their insights will be valuable to users of any industry, as well as integrators and developers within our industry.”

Topics slated for discussion include remote video monitoring, social distancing, queue management, people counting, access control and other tools that may be beneficial.

When and where?
The 45-minute webinar will be streamed Tuesday, September 15, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time with a Q&A session immediately following.

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