Vigitron Offer a Free 30-day Trial of NetObserver and NeTester Software

Vigitron NetObserver

Vigitron announce both FreeRun and 30-day trial versions of its popular NetObserver™, network health monitoring software, and NeTester™ network installation, system commission, and troubleshooting software are now available for free and with no obligation.

“The NeTester™ contains several key features”, stated Neil Heller, Vigitron’s Vice President of Business Develop. “By assessing network performance prior to installation, you can significantly decrease installation time while increasing system reliability”,

Heller continued, “Connected devices on any network class can be located and evaluated a with the simple function button. NeTester™ offers the ability to provide both dealers and their customers with a complete stored and printed record of the installation or service calls as proof of performance. The reports can even include video images.

“The NetObserver™ provides the ability to monitor up to 240,000 connected devices, providing email, mapping, naming services. Both programs provide a complete easy to use Windows™ based software package for network installation and service.”

The FreeRun versions include a built-in database for reviewing and operating features without the need for a network or connected devices.

The 30-day trial program is a fully operational program that can be used for 30 days prior to requiring purchase.

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