Viscount Systems Awarded Patent to Increase Security for Schools and Business During Crisis Lockdowns


Viscount Systems (OTCQB:VSYS), a leading provider of IT-based security software and services, has been awarded its third U.S. patent for its Freedom Access Control solution, building on the technology’s already strong intellectual property foundation.

U.S. Patent 8907763 B2 outlines the system and method for mustering individuals during an emergency using mobile devices.

Mustering, or accounting for individuals during an emergency, lockdown, or evacuation, has traditionally required a manual roll call process or a hard-wired access control panel to help account for individuals, allowing them to use access cards to ‘report’ their location.

However, this presents problems for visitors and those without card access.

Viscount’s Freedom application changes the way mustering is conducted, allowing organizations to place a QR code at central meeting places.

Now, individuals can simply scan the code with a mobile device to account for their whereabouts and system administrators can access a remote, Web-based platform to ensure compliance.

QR codes can be placed in a number of locations, providing an inexpensive, easy-to-deploy alternative to traditional hardwired card readers that require power and may be limited to a single location.

“This new patent marks a significant advance in how access control systems can provide value during an emergency,” said Dennis Raefield, President and CEO, Viscount Systems. “Using a unified physical/logical software application with the ability to utilize mobile devices to account for individuals enhances the way companies, schools and governments handle an emergency situation.”

On a school campus, for example, students with a smartphone can scan a QR code that automatically triggers an e-mail to parents letting them know their child is in the school’s safe zone. “This innovation can mean the difference between life and death, and can allow for peace of mind for parents during an emergency,” Raefield said.

The software-centric Freedom Access Control solution eliminates the need for physical access control panels.

Instead, IP encryption bridges receive messages from the software platform to trigger lockdowns, advise personnel locations, and monitor doors.

Freedom may be used for interfacing facility access with control, particularly for facilities or physical premises, such as buildings, homes, physical infrastructure, and restricted areas within buildings.

Viscount Systems is pioneering the development of mobile and IoT technologies to drive future security applications.

The company’s new, patented technology offers greater mobility and connectivity through its Freedom access control platform. As the “Internet of Things” (IoT) expands into security, more IP-enabled devices can be connected as an extension of an organization’s existing network infrastructure.

As an example, this new technology allows customers to incorporate smartphones or other mobile devices to enhance security operations and management.