VIVOTEK Introduces AI Entry-tier 9383-Series Network Camera for All-Around AI Solution

VIVOTEK announces its AI entry-tier 9383-Series network camera, which allows users to utilize AI video analytics services at affordable costs, easily recognize attributes of people and cars, and enhance operation and management efficiencies. Moreover, the camera seamlessly integrates with Core+ AI Network Video Recorder (Core+ AI NVR), or the VAST Security Station (VSS) system.

With the addition of new feature “Case Vault,” VSS can quickly compile and produce needed video data within one minute and provide a complete report for critical videos.

This addresses the previous challenge of time-consuming organization of image data, establishing a comprehensive security environment through an AI solution that integrates both hardware and software.

Combining AI Technology

VIVOTEK Assists SMEs to Build Smart and Secure Operational Environment

According to research, the B/B ratio of IP cameras with embedded AI functionality will double by 20271. “VIVOTEK has been devoted to the security industry for 24 years, and to keep pace with the rapidly growing AI market, VIVOTEK continues to launch customer-centered diverse products,” said Louis Liao, Director of Product Planning at VIVOTEK. “To expedite AI application and expand product market share, VIVOTEK C-Series launches for the first time AI entry-tier 9383-Series network camera, which is combined with the industry-leading AI smart surveillance system VSS to target global SME owners, helping them to build complete AI solutions under limited budgets, creating more intelligent and efficient operational environments.”

9383-Series AI Network Camera Comes with 3 Advantage

Precise AI Analytics, Clear Imaging, Durability

● Precise AI Analytics: AI algorithm is used to analyze subjects like people and cars, including color, car model, backpack and cap, enhancing detection efficiency.

● Clear Imaging: the 9383-Series camera is equipped with a 5-million-pixel lens and advanced video sensors, which delivers 2.5x greater dynamic range than sensors of the previous generation. Not only does it prevent over-exposure, but also captures clear videos at night.

● Durability: Weather-resistant and vandal-proof ratings of IP66 and IK10, ensuring durability even in harsh outdoor conditions.

New “Case Vault” Feature of AI Smart Surveillance System VSS

Connects over 20,000 Cameras to Capture Key Videos within One Minute. In addition to introducing AI technology to more IP cameras, VIVOTEK also offers AI surveillance system Core+ AI Network Video Recorder and VSS to build AI solutions. Both Core+AI Network Video Recorder and VSS have the Deep Search technology.

VSS is equipped with powerful AI analytics capabilities; connecting up to 22,400 cameras, VSS utilizes the Deep Search feature, which includes three major assisted searches: attribute search for people/vehicles, scene search, and re-search. Combined with outstanding AI video detection capability of VIVOTEK’s cameras, the system can precisely search for key videos.

Now, with the newly added “Case Vault” feature, VSS can find needed images and organize video clips based on the designated time and location, and generate a complete report, enhancing security efficiency and accuracy.

VIVOTEK Offers 5-Year Warranty on 9383-Series Network Camera Realizing New Future, of Smart Security Realizing New Future of Smart Security Realizing New Future of Smart Security VIVOTEK Offers 5-Year Warranty on 9383-Series Network CameraRealizing New Future of Smart Security

VIVOTEK continues to introduce edge computing to front-end cameras and back-end systems, and adds AI applications to enhance production efficiency, while also realizing business sustainability. VIVOTEK offers the 5-year warranty on 9383-Series network camera and Core+ AI NVR to satisfy ever-changing market needs, realizing a new future of smart security for its customers.

VIVOTEK is committed to developing IP cameras, video management software, and cloud security services, while also applying AI and edge computing extensively to its services. In 2017, VIVOTEK became part of the Delta Group, a global leader in power management solutions, serving as the security core of Delta Building Automation Business. visit:

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