VIVOTEK Launches First Edge-Computing Facial Recognition Camera FD9387-FR-v2

VIVOTEK strives to provide comprehensive security solutions and launches first-ever facial recognition camera that integrates edge computing to help enterprises to quickly identify the gender and age of people in the video on edge, as well as those who are wearing masks. The camera has a built-in memory card with facial data storage up to 10,000 profiles and achieves a 99% accuracy rate of detection.

The camera can also target specific images for real-time alarming and its software and hardware meet the standards of U.S. National Defense Authorization Act, building an environment people can live in with a peace of mind.

VIVOTEK builds into the software of FD9387-FR-v2 Facial Recognition Camera the SAFR Inside AI facial recognition platform developed by SAFR from RealNetworks, LLC., which is combined with the camera’s powerful edge-computing capability to significantly enhance efficiency of analysis.

The camera’s functions include real-time facial detection and tracking; early warning of strange faces; and image privacy mode for sensitive areas, avoiding sharing of the video with a third party. Moreover, the camera is equipped with strong cybersecurity protection capability with fully encrypted data storage and transmission, safeguarding user privacy.

FD9387-FR-v2 Camera

VIVOTEK FD9387-FR-v2 Facial Recognition Camera is suitable for building automation/ access control systems of banks, retailors, and buildings; among which, the build-in system is open to integration with business intelligence (BI) services, especially customer service of luxury retail, which sends real-time notification when VIP customers walk into the store, enhancing service quality and standards; effectively tracks and detects traffics in and out, making it a crucial aspect of smart building—through list management, unauthorized visitors will be reported and recorded in case of future investigations.

VIVOTEK established offices in the U.S., Netherlands, India, Mexico, and Japan. As one of the world’s most trusted IP surveillance solutions provider, they deliver intelligent security, control, and management for a safer society.  They are widely recognized for expansive technical capabilities in imaging and audio, specializing in IP cameras, video management software, and edge based AI video analytics. visit

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