Zyxel Access Point and Security Service Bundle for Small Businesses Protects and Optimizes Connectivity for WiFi Networks 

“Connect and Protect” Solution Provides Robust, Easy-to-Manage Protection from Cybersecurity Threats for Businesses and their Customers

Zyxel Networks announced the bundling of its robust Connect and Protect security service with select Zyxel WiFi access points. 

Available as a bundled option with Zyxel’s best-selling NWA1123ACv3 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Radio Ceiling Mount PoE Access Point and NWA110AX 802.11ax (WiFi 6) Dual-Radio PoE Access Point, the security service protects small business WiFi networks from cybersecurity threats and optimizes WiFi connectivity for the business and its patrons to improve connectivity and customer satisfaction.  

Connect and Protect, which filters out any unsafe web content and prevents users from accessing dangerous websites, provides a high level of security for small businesses without the hassle of setting up complex security settings.

As an added level of protection for both the business and its customers, the service ensures that users logged onto the network are unable to access the data streams of others, preventing malicious actors from spying on or stealing the information of others.

Features and Benefits of Zyxel Connect & Protect:

  • IP Reputation Filter – The cloud-based service accesses an expanding database of malicious IP addresses to block undesirable website content, and prevent data theft and security breaches.
  • Application Visibility with Throttling – Prioritizes bandwidth for business-critical applications, such as mobile POS systems, online streaming, and voice and video calls, to protect core applications and facilitate smooth business operation. 
  • Ease-of-Management – The WiFi access points and Connect & Protect security features can be easily deployed and managed from anywhere using Zyxel’s Nebula Cloud Networking Solution. 

“Wireless networks not only provide the network backbone that enables many small businesses to operate, but wireless access to the internet is increasingly becoming an expectation by their customers and vendors. However, the cyber attacks enabled by unprotected networks can result in serious damage to the business and liabilities to their customers,” explained Shawn Rogers, Market Development Manager at Zyxel Networks.

“Deploying Zyxel APs with Connect and Protect enables businesses to leverage an extensive range of security features without the complexity often associated with setting up network security.”

Connect and Protect (CNP) is available in two licensing options: CNP and CNP+. CNP features the IP reputation filter and CNP+ adds application visibility with bandwidth throttling. CNP and CNP+ licenses are available as bundles with NWA1123ACv3 and NWA110AX access points. 

CNP is offered as an optional license on WAC500 and WAC500H access points, and CNP+ is offered as an optional license on NWA210AX, WAX510D, WAX610D, WAX630S, and WAX650S access points. 

Zyxel has kept business and home users online with a focus on innovation and customer centric service. In 1989, this was accomplished with analog modems. Today, the company combines the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud to deliver rapid, reliable, and secure networking solutions for business and home users. visit: https://www.zyxel.com

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Source: zyxel.com

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