3xLOGIC Introduces Lite Version Of VIGIL Client For Mac Users

3xLOGIC announced immediate availability for the company’s new VIGIL Client Lite software for Mac users.

3xLOGIC’s newest software offering fulfills customer requests to produce a lite version of VIGIL Client for Mac users that provides the basic functionality of the PC version of VIGIL Client.

“This application opens up a yet untapped segment of our customer base who use Apple products, particularly in the education vertical,” said Michael Poe, 3xLOGIC Product Manager.

VIGIL Client Lite for Mac supports many of the features of the 3xLOGIC PC-based VIGIL Client, including:

  • View live streams for up to 36 cameras across multiple VIGIL servers
  • Use VIGIL Connect or Direct IP to connect to multiple VIGIL servers or standalone cameras
  • Digital Pan, Tilt, and Zoom support through the Live View window
  • Instant playback to quickly view the last 5 minutes of video
  • Search playback based on date and time
  • Export Jpeg snapshots or MP4 videos
  • Smart Search support
  • VIGIL Central Management (VCM) Support – VCM users can easily populate and load managed VIGIL Servers

“This is an important addition to our software library,” commented Bills Hobbs, National Director of Sales for 3xLOGIC.

“The education vertical market is large and growing, we’ve had good success with education customers, and now we’re set to gain even more education market share by supporting popular Apple technology.”

Running VIGIL Client Lite natively on the Mac OS should be a significant performance boost while maintaining the look and feel Apple users have always enjoyed, thus bringing the power and flexibility Windows users have had to the Mac user as well.

Version 1.0 of the Mac Client provides the building blocks of future versions that will offer additional functionality as the software evolves.

3xLOGIC has been a leading innovator in server and cloud-based security technology for 15+ years.

Source: 3xlogic.com