Argentina Selects HID goID Technology to Provide Citizens with World’s First Mobile National ID Program

HID Global

HID Global announced today that the government of Argentina has selected its HID goID® citizen identity technology to power the country’s digital version of its mandatory National Identity Document for its Mi Argentina app.

The collaborative effort between HID, Argentina’s Ministry of Interior, Public Works and Housing through the National Registry of Persons (Renaper), and the Ministry of Modernization makes Argentina the first country in the world to offer a true national identity credential within a mobile app to its citizens.

Currently, there are 47 million DNI cards in circulation and recent legislation has accorded full legal equivalence to the smartphone version of the card.

The Mi Argentina app, which houses the National Identity Document, was developed by the Ministry of Modernization and allows citizens who download the app on their mobile devices to request appointments, receive health information and access credentials, such as their drivers’ license.

Powered by HID goID technology, citizens can also access their National Identity Document on a mobile device on the app while offline.

“The Government of Argentina is leading the way in bringing the convenience and security of mobile identity to its citizens,” said José D’Amico, director of Renaper.

“This innovative application is not only easy to get, but we also believe this could be the first step in digitizing identity across the government in Argentina and potentially other countries in years to come.”

Citizens with the “Mi Argentina” app can initiate their request for a mobile ID by visiting a Renaper office, where their identity is verified and authenticated.

Once approved, they receive an email with a code to activate their National Identity Document. In the event a smartphone is lost or stolen, credentials can be immediately revoked, safeguarding the citizen from potential identity theft.

The mobile ID is securely stored on the citizen’s smartphone, meaning it can still be accessed if the cell phone has no data plan or when connection to a network or Wi-Fi is not available.

Storage on the phone brings additional security for the mobile ID ecosystem, as a channel back to the central database is never required.

Renaper issues all citizens a National Identity Document at birth and requires two mandatory renewals: between the ages of 5 and 8, and at the age of 14. Adults are required to renew it every 15 years.

“HID Global is committed to providing identity solutions that meet the evolving standards of the 21st century,” said Jessica Westerouen van Meeteren, VP & Managing Director, Citizen Identity with HID Global.

“The government of Argentina’s implementation of our technology provides its citizens with innovative ID access and the ease of a completely mobile experience from registration to issuance.”

The government of Argentina previously partnered with HID to upgrade the country’s ICAO electronic passport to a newer generation that was more cost-efficient, improved security and enhanced data reading at border control checkpoints.

The successful partnership was a key factor in the government’s decision to collaborate with HID Global and deploy the HID goID mobile identity solution.

The HID goID mobile ID ecosystem powers a more secure and connected world based on field-proven technology. It enables the issuance, lifecycle management and verification of mobile identities, and is a customizable solution that delivers many more functions than physical identity documents.

HID Global powers the trusted identities of the world’s people, places and things.