Cozaint Kicks Off Capital Raise Campaign through WeFunder

Cozaint Physical-Security-as-a-Service (PSaaS) software has launched capital raise campaign through WeFunder

Cozaint Corp has launched it’s capital raise campaign through WeFunder in order to accelerate the company’s growth. Cozaint selected it allows anyone –whether or not they’re an accredited investor– to become an angel investor in Cozaint. 

Cozaint provides an intelligent PSaaS software platform that delivers overarching situational awareness along with the tools, technologies, and systems human security guards need, which allowing them to be significantly more effective. The Cozaint PSaaS Platform integrates IoT sensors and numerous other system alarms to alert the human security guard of activity that is occurring in their environments.

With this actionable intelligence, Cozaint’s platform can deliver more “eyes and ears” for less cost to the security guard company providing the guarding services.

Along with this capital raise campaign, Cozaint is establishing relationships with human security guarding companies around the country that can integrate the Cozaint PSaaS platform into their security offerings.

You can review what Cozaint is doing doing in the physical security industry and learn how anyone can invest in Cozaint Corp at:

Cozaint Corporation is a service-disabled veteran owned business
that manufactures artificial-intelligence based ‘smart’ physical
security towers and kiosks that deliver 24/7/365 surveillance and
environmental monitoring with wireless sensors connected to a
live care center for personalized assistance (and panic connection).

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