D-Fend Solutions Expands and Extends Participation in FAA Program for UAS Detection and Mitigation Testing and Evaluation Aimed at Enhancing Airport Safety

D-Fend’s Enforce Air Non-Jamming, Non-Kinetic Cyber C-UAS System was Deployed and Tested at Syracuse Hancock International Airport, in Rapid Progression to Second Airport Site

D-Fend Solutions announced expanded and extended participation in the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Detection and Mitigation Research Program, aimed at achieving safe and efficient airport and National Airspace System (NAS) operations.

The company’s core Counter-UAS system, EnforceAir, underwent testing at a second airport site, Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR).

EnforceAir was previously selected for participation in the FAA Program at Atlantic City International Airport (KACY).

The program enables the FAA to work with major federal departments and agencies to ensure technologies/systems that are developed, tested, or deployed by federal departments and agencies to detect and/or mitigate potential risks posed by errant or hostile UAS operations do not adversely impact or interfere with the safe and efficient operation of the National Airspace System (NAS).

The evaluation further ensures that EnforceAir does not adversely impact or interfere with safe airport operations, aircraft navigation, or air traffic services.. D-Fend Solutions rapidly progressed from initial testing at one airport to further assessment in a second airport environment.

Graduating and completing the second phase at another airport is a major milestone for program participants that are able to demonstrate that their product performs as advertised, generated reliable and accurate data, and warranted further evaluation in another operational setting.

“EnforceAir’s quick progression from first trials at Atlantic City to additional evaluations at Syracuse in this demanding and vital FAA program validates D-Fend’s vision of enabling a flourishing dronepowered society, specifically in aviation, by supporting the growth of safe and secure drone adoption and integration while applying innovation to defend against rogue drone threats at airports,”

said Zohar Halachmi, Chairman and CEO of D-Fend Solutions.

D-Fend Solutions is the leading counter-drone takeover technology provider, enabling full control, safety, and continuity during rogue drone incidents across complex and sensitive environments, to overcome current and emerging drone threats. With hundreds of deployments worldwide, EnforceAir, the company’s core offering, focuses on the most dangerous drone threats in military, public safety, airport, prison, major event, and critical infrastructure environments. visit: d-fendsolutions.com

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