Digital Watchdog Launches Second Generation MEGApix CaaS Edge Camera Line

DW MEGApix CaaS Cameras

DW announced the upcoming release of our second generation MEGApix® CaaS edge cameras. The new cameras —including 4MP ultra-low profile vandal domes with fixed lens (DWC-MF4WiC), 4MP vandal domes with motorized auto focus zoom and varifocal lens (DWC-MV84WiAC), 5MP vandal fisheye models (DWC-PVF5M1TIRC) and 4MP license plate recognition models (DWC-MB44LPRC)— are powered by DW Spectrum® IPVMS server onboard. A MEGApix® CaaS

“Camera as a Server” is ideal for any small-scale application looking to add the benefits of DW Spectrum® without the expense of a dedicated network server.

CaaS edge cameras deliver the flexibility of having video and recording in the same hardware. A MEGApix CaaS solution supports up to 12 CaaS cameras in the network, all accessible and manageable remotely via the DW Spectrum client, app or DW Cloud webpage. Onboard storage ranges between 64GB and 128GB, with the option to expand storage with a Blackjack NAS network attached storage device.

“When people think of an enterprise-level VMS like DW Spectrum, they typically equate them with large-scale installations,” said Mark Espenschied, Director of Marketing, Digital Watchdog.

“Digital Watchdog makes it easy to get the power and convenience of DW Spectrum for smaller applications, including a CaaS network of only one to 12 cameras.”

Features include:

  • 4MP 1/3” image sensor at real-time 30fps (DWC-MF 4WiC models, DWC-MV84WiAC models, DWC-MB44LPRC models) 5MP 1/1.8” image sensor at real-time 30fps (DWC-PVF5M1TIRC models)
  • 1.5mm fisheye lens(DWC-PVF5M1TIRC models)
  • 6~50mm motorized zoom auto-focus p-iris lens (DWC-MB44LPRC mode ls)
  • 2.8~12mm motorized zoom auto-focus p-iris lens (DWC-MV84WiAC models)
  • 4.0mm and 6.0 fixed lens options (DWC-MF4WiC models)
  • License plate recognition technology captures reflective license plates up to 50mph with up to 60’ capture range (DWC-MB44LPRC models)
  • Support 360° hemispheric fisheye view and 180° panoramic view (DWC-PVF5M1TIRC models)
  • Edge-to-edge image clarity (DWC- PVF5M1TIRC models)
  • DW Spectrum IPVMS camera as a server
  • Easily deploy with pre-loaded video management system (VMS) software on camera for out-of-the-box operation
  • Automatic installation and licensing with first power on – Simply mount camera, connect and see your video
  • Saves time and money with no server hardware required
  • Connect up to 12 CaaS cameras simultaneously in a single system
  • Wide dynamic range (WDR) (DWC-MF4WiC models, DWC-MV84WiAC models)
  • Dual recording option with NAS accessory
  • Dual codecs (H.264, MJPEG) with simultaneous dual-stream
  • 50-100’smart IR options with intelligent camera sync
  • CleanView hydrophobic dome coating repels water, dust and grease (DWC-MV84WiAC models)
  • Smart DNR 3D digital noise reduction
  • True day/night with mechanical IR cut filter
  • Programmable privacy zones
  • Auto gain control (AGC)
  • Backlight compensation (BLC) (DWC-PVF5M1TIRC models)
  • Auto white balance (AWB)
  • Motion detection
  • Built-in 64GB/128GB memory for local recording
  • Web server built-in
  • PoE class 3 and DC12V
  • Waterproof cabling
  • ONVIF conformant, profile S
  • IP66 rated weather and tamper resistant
  • IK10-rated impact resistant (DWC-MF4WiC models, DWC-MV84WiAC models)