DW Introduces New SiteWatch and NightWatch Products Integrated with DW Spectrum IPVMS

SiteWatch DW-DTLA500

Digital Watchdog®  announces the release of their new SiteWatch™ and NightWatch™ lines of motion detectors and illuminators. The new products are the perfect additions to any surveillance system that requires robust external lighting and cutting-edge motion detection. All DW® detectors and illuminators are fully integrated with DW Spectrum® IPVMS and can be controlled and managed remotely from the software.

The DW-DTPIRIPW and DW-DTMWIPW SiteWatch™ motion detectors are quad-element passive infra-red (PIR) external movement detectors that combine advanced signal processing and unique optical systems. The detector’s quad PIR sensing module is equipped with two (2) volt free and two (2) negative switched outputs with a programmable beam range of up to 98.5ft (30m), avoiding boundary overspill and offering truly exceptional resistance to false alarms.

The DW-DTLA500 SiteWatch™ laser sensor monitors and locates intrusions for enhanced security applications or where physical fences are not desirable or possible. The 1640ft (500m) sensor works without reflectors and reacts in fractions of a second. The DW-DTLA500 laser sensor knows the exact position of an object and offers adaptive alarm settings.

The NightWatch™ outdoor illuminators are IP-enabled Infra-Red (IR) (DW-ILIRIP850, DW-ILIRIP940) and White-Light LED (DW-ILWLIPM) illuminators. The illuminators incorporate the latest surface mount LEDs, combined with enhanced optical output and outstanding reliability to provide users with smart lighting solutions for a wide range of applications.

The NightWatch™ lighting includes an interchangeable lens pack to deliver a variety of angles out of the box; this provides users with the flexibility to create different elliptical beam profiles to suit specific lifestyle requirements.

The illuminators can include up to three illuminators as an ideal lighting solution for any of DW’s surveillance cameras, including panoramic multi-sensor and fisheye models.

“With the addition of SiteWatch™  IP-enabled motion detectors, we extend the power of DW Spectrum‘s robust rules engine with effective perimeter protection,” said Patrick Kelly, Director of IP Sales, DW®.

“When combined with the NightWatch™ line of IP-enabled high-performance illuminators, which provide high-quality lighting, we achieve maximum image quality and powerful deterrence capabilities.  SiteWatch™ and NightWatch™ are a natural complement to our MEGApix® line of cameras.”

SiteWatch™ Features*:

  • External movement detector
  • Quad element PIR sensor
  • Passive infra-red (PIR) and microwave detection technologies
  • Two (2) volt-free outputs
  • Two (2) negative-switched outputs
  • Up to 98.5ft (30m) detection (DW-DTPIRIPW and DW-DTMWIPW)
  • Up to 1640ft (500m) detection (DW-DTLA500)
  • Exceptional resistance to false alarms
  • Advanced signal processing, quad pyro and optical systems
  • Trigger lights and smart devices when movement is detected
  • 10º – 70º detection angle (DW-DTPIRIPW and DW-DTMWIPW)
  • Direct integration with DW Spectrum® IPVMS
  • Intruder notifications
  • Set up lux-level events to operate blinds and curtains
  • Environmental temperature monitoring to help manage internal air conditioning and heating
  • 20 Fully adaptable alarm zones to meet any situation (DW-DTLA500)
  • IP alarms and relay output (DW-DTLA500)
  • Alarm notifications (DW-DTLA500)
  • Web Interface built-in
  • PoE class 1 and 2 and DC48V
  • IP environmental-rated housing

NightWatch™ Features*:

  • Infra-Red (IR) and White-light LED illuminators
  • Interchangeable lens pack to deliver a variety of angles out of the box
  • Create different elliptical beam profiles
  • Coverage distance up to 374’ (115m) (DW-ILIRIP940, DW-ILWLIPM)
  • Coverage distance up to 614’ (187m) (DW-ILIRIP850)
  • Configure lights to switch on when motion is detected
  • Activate white-light to deter intruders (DW-ILWLIPM)
  • Adjustable photocell and illumination levels
  • 850nm – 940nm wavelength (DW-ILIRIP850, DW-ILIRIP940)
  • Visible Spectrum wavelength (400- 750nm) (DW-ILWLIPM)
  • Web Interface built-in
  • High-power Dual-Core™ LEDs, with advanced, current limited, integral control circuitry
  • IP66 environmental-rated dust-tight and water-resistant
  • IK 09-rated impact-resistant

DW is an industry-leading single source of value-driven solutions for video surveillance applications (Universal HD over Coax® / hybrid / IP enterprise).

Source: digital-watchdog.com

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