Hanwha Techwin Expands PTZ Plus Camera Line

Hanwha XNP-9250R

Featuring 65% lighter design, AI-based object tracking, enhanced water shedding and 200m IR illumination

Hanwha Techwin has expanded and updated its line-up of PTZ cameras to include six new models. The cameras are available in 4K/6MP/2MP resolutions with 25x/40x optical zoom ranges to fit any use case.

Featuring the groundbreaking Wisenet 7 chipset, the new models include three IR models (XNP-9250R, XNP-8250R, XNP-6400R) and three non-IR models (XNP-9250, XNP-8250, XNP-6400).

The new PTZ Plus cameras are 65% lighter than conventional PTZ cameras and include a re-designed twist-lock mounting feature to simplify installation. A single HPoE RJ-45 is the only connection required for power and data. Wise IR allows for monitoring in complete darkness up to 200 meters away in crisp detail.

The new cameras utilize an AI deep-learning algorithm for powerful object tracking (person or vehicle). Operators simply right-click on an object to engage the target-lock tracking feature.

The PTZ mechanism achieves a pre-set accuracy of ±0.1º, allowing the camera to move to the correct position within one second. The new dome design also enables significantly enhanced tilt angles including 20º above the horizon and 90º straight down.

The PTZ Plus cameras also feature a new dome shape built to repel water coupled with a unique “triple-spin” drying and heating function that can be operator activated by a customized soft-trigger from a VMS like Wisenet WAVE.

“Our new PTZ Plus cameras provide a variety of configurations to suit the unique requirements of any installation,” said Ray Cooke, Vice President, Products, Solutions and Integration, Hanwha Techwin America. “The lighter design with simple twist lock mounting makes installation easier than ever. With up to 4K quality, 40 and 25x optical zoom, AI- based object auto-tracking and innovative water removal features, Hanwha Techwin have raised the bar again.”

With Wisenet 7 SoC at their core, the new PTZ cameras support Hanwha Techwin’s proprietary ‘extreme’ Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology.

This enables the cameras to capture ultra-clear images from scenes containing a challenging mix of bright and dark areas. Wisenet 7’s enhanced noise reduction technology minimizes motion blur and image artifacts while increasing object sharpness and definition.

Wisenet 7 offers the highest level of cybersecurity possible by embedding unique certificates and encryption keys into every camera during manufacturing.

Hanwha Techwin America is a subsidiary of Hanwha Corporation, a South Korea based company. Hanwha Techwin is a leading global supplier of solutions for IP and analog video surveillance. Building on the company’s history of innovation, Hanwha Techwin America is dedicated to providing solutions with the highest levels of performance, reliability and cost-efficiency for professional security applications. Visit

Source: HanwhaSecurity.com

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