Introducing the New Door Detective SG with Innovative Sidegate Detection Technology

Door Detective SG

Revolutionizing Access Control and Door Security at GSX in Dallas, September 11th-13th

Smarter Security announce the launch of their latest Door Detective model, the Door Detective SG, featuring groundbreaking Sidegate Detection technology.

This next-gen addition to the Door Detective line is set to transform the landscape of access control and door security, offering enhanced capabilities that address the evolving needs of modern facilities.

“Smarter Security’s new Door Detective SG brings an entirely new weapon to the Security Director’s arsenal,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security.

“Many years ago, Door Detective® introduced the concept of securing doors while they are open. SG stands for sidegating or side-by-side collusion attempts to sneak unauthorized people into secure areas where they do not belong. So, this is a perfect solution for extra-wide or double doors in data centers, labs, and hospitals. Unlike other door security, Door Detective SG kills this risk, which is really a major win for our government and commercial customers,” said Brown.

Sidegate Detection technology

The Door Detective is a doorway-mounted device that provides real-time detection and analysis. It accurately identifies single individuals, multiple persons, tailgating or piggybacking attempts, and directional violations.

Its unique Sidegate Detection technology identifies side-by-side collusion attempts through single and double-door entrances, emergency exits, and other vulnerable points, making it an invaluable tool for security professionals.

This proactive approach can prevent security breaches, theft, and other criminal activities that could result in substantial financial losses and damage to an organization’s reputation.

Global Security Exchange (GSX) conference

Join for an exclusive opportunity to experience the Door Detective SG and its breakthrough Sidegate Detection technology in action at the Dallas Global Security Exchange (GSX) conference. From September 11th to 13th, their experts will be on-site at Booth #1533 to provide live demonstrations and detailed insights into the innovative features and advantages of the Door Detective SG.

At Smarter Security, they are committed to providing innovative solutions that address the ever-changing challenges security professionals face. The Door Detective SG with Sidegate Detection technology represents dedication to advancing access control systems and protecting the integrity of modern facilities.


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