Iris ID Biometric Software added to MetaDolce Technologies’ Multimodal Handheld Tablet

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Iris ID announced the inclusion of its contactless, iris-based biometric hardware and software with MetaDolce Technologies’ introduction of the RP70A BIO handheld tablet for mobile identity authentication and registration, manufactured by Gen2Wave Co., Ltd. in South Korea.

Law enforcement, border patrol, healthcare and other industry professionals extensively use the compact RP70A BIO, an all-in-one tablet that hosts a dual iris and facial recognition camera, fingerprint sensor, smart card reader, MRZ and barcode scanner.

A dual eye Iris ID optical module (OUM200UD) captures data at distances of about 15 inches. A powerful Android platform with 4GB RAM enables speedy and seamless processing of robust applications.

Moshe Meppen, chief executive officer, MetaDolce Technologies, Inc. which distributes the RP70A BIO throughout North America, said the addition of Iris ID’s biometric solution would enhance the device’s value to all end users.

“The speed, accuracy and convenience of Iris ID’s software makes an already innovative mobile tablet even better,” he said.

“The contactless Iris ID technology is ideal for use during the current pandemic and may be used for registration and identification of employees having received the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Chanho Lee, managing director, Gen2Wave Co., said the RP70A Bio’s compact size and light weight make it an ideal choice for professionals to view PDF documents and conveniently add data in the field.

“The RP70A BIO has excellent outdoor readability, even in direct and sharp sunlight,” he said.

“The touch screen has high-touch responsiveness with a stylus or gloved and bare hands without erroneous input ­– even during rain and snow.”

Mohammed Murad, vice president, global sales and business development, Iris ID, called the RP70A BIO “the Swiss Army knife of mobile biometric and scanning devices.” 

“We are very excited to have our dual eye optical module integrated into the RP70A tablet as Iris ID continues expanding its ecosystem to provide world class identity authentication solutions.,” he said.

“The RP70A offers a tremendous number of technologies in a compact tablet. MetaDolce Technologies has a proven track record of providing the leading mobile biometric and data capture hardware and software solutions.”

Gen2Wave manufacturer of rugged mobile terminals for professionals; researching, designing and manufacturing products locally, including smartphones, RFID and biometric tablets, software, and accessories.

MetaDolce Technologies provides best-in-class mobile data capture products and integrated solutions to Commercial, enterprise and government organizations worldwide.

Iris ID Systems is a global provider of iris recognition solutions. IrisAccess is the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform and is used in thousands of locations, authenticating millions of people’s identities daily.