Milestone Systems Highlights Benefits Of Best-in-Class Performance And Partner Community At IFSEC Tradeshow

Milestone Systems, the global number one open platform provider of networked video management software (VMS), will again be exhibiting at IFSEC International 2018 in London, June 19-21 – Booth C340.

Milestone will spotlight the customer benefits of high performance video solutions, new system builder program and value propositions from the Milestone community.

The theme from Milestone this year is the benefits of high performance in business video systems, enabling Milestone community customers to do more with less, driving down the total cost of solutions.

Milestone will be showing the highest performing VMS server at IFSEC: the combination of the recently announced XProtect 2018 R2 VMS with eight NVIDIA graphics cards can handle more than 2,000 video streams on a single server, as tested by Milestone and to be demonstrated during the show.

The benefits of high performance for customers are savings on hardware and infrastructure with fewer servers needed, and the ability to upgrade the system capacity by just adding a supported graphics card.

Milestone System Builder Program

The Milestone System Builder open market initiative has been well received by the Milestone Community, since the announcement in February this year.

The first System Builder partners are: Arbitech, Arrow/Seneca, BCDVideo, HIKvision, IOnodes and VENZO Secure. Several of them will have a presence at the Milestone Booth.

The System Builder program allows hardware manufacturers to design, build and ship hardware optimized for having XProtect VMS pre-loaded.

The System Builder program enables hardware manufacturers to explore new business opportunities with new products in their existing channel and expand their market reach through Milestone’s worldwide channel network.

Spotlight on Milestone Community Solution Power

The partner community is integral to the Milestone business strategy, and a strong partner presence in the Milestone trade show booth illustrates that commitment. A wide array of innovative technology partners will showcase their solutions integrated with Milestone in booth C340 and throughout the showroom.

Highlighted Milestone Alliance Partners include:

  • Pivot3 builds simple, intelligent and automated hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. Pivot3 has an Intelligence Engine that eliminates resource contention, automates data and workload mobility, prioritizes resources and consolidates them on one infrastructure.
  • Quanergy delivers robust and intelligent, real-time 3D mapping solutions using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), that work day and night, rain or shine, while performing object detection, tracking, identification, and classification.

New Products and Enhanced Services to Community

Visitors to the Milestone stand will also have the first chance to see the latest version of Milestone XProtect 2018.

Again, performance is in focus as the R2 version enables hardware acceleration for in the Milestone Recording and Mobile servers, shifting the video decoding and image scaling process to supported graphics cards, thus freeing resources for other tasks and for advanced video analytics capabilities.

Additional focus at the show will be on Milestone Care, which is a complete service and support program that takes the best care of Milestone software throughout its entire lifetime. A dedicated pod in the booth will also provide information on the Milestone developer program and custom development services.

“This is a show that proves our dedication to making video an important business tool, now and in the future – and how we work to give our community the abilities to see new possibilities and innovate,” said Kenneth Hune Petersen, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Milestone Systems. “Milestone System Builder program enables the Milestone community with industry leading hardware powered by XProtect VMS. Milestone Systems is pleased to announce that the first partners to join the Milestone System Builder program are: Arbitech, Arrow/Seneca, BCDVideo, HIKvision, IOnodes and VENZO Secure.”

Events Throughout IFSEC

The media is welcome at the Milestone Community pub night at the Fox @ Connaught pub on June 19, where the power of the Milestone community is celebrated. Sign-up for this event is being handled by James Tate – Henley Group.

The partner community, and the role it has played in making Milestone the market leader, will be celebrated at a booth party on June 20. No sign-up in advance of the event is necessary: simply come along!

There will be management interview possibilities regarding global and local viewpoints as well as high-profile partnerships and community solution power during IFSEC. Please contact James Tate – Henley Group for appointments.

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software; technology that helps the world see how to ensure safety, protect assets and increase business efficiency.