Milestone Systems Introduces Management Server Failover

Operator using XProtect Management Server Failover solution

With the introduction of XProtect Management Server Failover as an add-on product in 2022 R1, users will be able to keep their systems up and running without disruption resulting in greater peace of mind.

In the latest product update of Milestone System’s XProtect 2022 R1 video management software, Milestone introduces several new features and capabilities.

These include the Management Server Failover solution; single sign on in XProtect; and a new selection of choices ranging from multi-live streaming, adaptive streaming, and direct-streaming.

With this latest product update, Milestone Systems continues to raise the bar on higher performing video technology software and meet the market’s rising demand for comprehensive, best-in-class, turnkey video technology solutions. 

XProtect Management Server Failover

XProtect Management Server Failover solution is a complete solution that protects the Management Server (and the SQL server when installed on the same physical server)  from hardware, software, and human error server failures.

It assures operators can log in to the system and access live and playback video, as well as the system’s configuration at all times. Its efficient design and simple configuration give users the ability to switch to a reliable backup Management Server seamlessly and automatically when the primary one fails.

It provides synchronous real-time file replication, automatic application failover, and automatic failback after a server failure, all in one solution. XProtect Management Server Failover is available as an add-on product for XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate version 2022 R1 or later.

Single Sign On in XProtect

With the new release of Milestone XProtect 2022 R1, users are now able to choose their preferred Identity and Access Management (IAM) and use their corporate credentials to sign into XProtect with single sign on. Single sign-on simplifies username and password management for both users and administrators using Open ID Connect (OIDC) protocol. Users no longer need to keep track of different sets of credentials, and administrators can quickly assign and relinquish login privileges based on users authorized in the IAM system. This results in less manual work, stronger authentication, and a smoother user experience. SSO support is available for the Smart and Management clients in all XProtect products, version 2022 R1 or later.

Value boost for XProtect Xpress+ and XProtect Professional+

XProtect 2022 R1 upgrades viewing and streaming and reduces server load. With XProtect Smart Client multi-live streaming, users can optimize their viewing performance according to available bandwidth and view layouts.

Operators can also define and use multiple streams from the same camera for live viewing purposes. This is ideal for deployments with remote site viewing stations having various bandwidth and resolution requirements. With XProtect adaptive streaming, users can automatically receive lower resolution streams when higher resolution is unnecessary.

The result is a reduced load on the mobile server and a more seamless experience. Finally, with direct streaming, users can stream live video directly to their XProtect Mobile and XProtect Web Client. This feature eliminates the resource-heavy video transcoding in the Mobile Server, resulting in a better viewing experience for mobile and web client users.

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