OnSSI’s Ocularis 5 VMS Supports AXIS M30 Series Cameras


Ocularis 5, the latest Video Management Software (VMS) solution from OnSSI, now includes a dewarping plug-in for Axis Communications’ AXIS M30 series cameras with panoramic views. The Axis dewarping plug-in provides distortion-corrected images on both live and recorded video to deliver increased situational awareness and an improved overall viewing experience.

“Integration of the Axis dewarping plug-in further expands the surveillance capabilities of Ocularis and provides yet another innovative solution for our customers,” said Mulli Diamant, VP of International Business Development, OnSSI. “Ocularis’ open architecture facilitates the integration of specialized applications, such as the Axis dewarping plug-in, enabling surveillance and security systems to be tailored to meet customers’ specific needs.”

In addition to viewing live and stored 360° video streams from Axis cameras, the plug-in also allows operators to electronically pan, tilt, and zoom images for enhanced viewing and forensic video investigation. Dewarping is also possible on quad and panoramic views.

“Today’s panoramic cameras can dramatically increase wide area surveillance while keeping costs under control,” said Alex Walthers, Business Development Manager, Application Development Partner Program, Axis Communications, Inc. “Integration with OnSSI’s Ocularis 5 VMS solution further increases the utility of Axis panoramic cameras for mainstream applications.”

Ocularis 5 offers a unique combination of enhanced features, recording versatility, robust data security, overall stability that transcend conventional VMS solutions. Recent additions to the Ocularis 5 platform include: an auto-updating feature like those available on most smartphones and tablets; Smart Camera Driver technology that provides out-of-the-box support for newly introduced cameras from industry-leading camera manufacturers; and server redundancy of the Ocularis Recorder.

Ocularis 5 is offered in three models: Professional, designed for organizations operating multiple locations with small to mid-sized camera counts; Enterprise, built for a wide range of mid to large IT-centric organizations; and Ultimate, created for large organizations with extended command and control needs and recording server failover.

Source: onssi.com

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