Parking Spotter: Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest 2017 Winner

During the wrap-up Gala Dinner this year’s Milestone MIPS conference in San Antonio, TX, Milestone CTO, Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, along with Mikkel Winther, Group Manager, Product Management, announced the very first Milestone Community Kickstarter Competition winner.

The Winner Is: Parking Spotter
Parking Spotter is a very innovative solution that helps end users find the closest available parking spot and parking lot owners improve operational flows, all these by analyzing the video images from all the cameras installed inside the parking lot. Parking Spotter will gather together, under one single app, all the parking places inside a city, from Public Parking, Airport Parking, Stadiums, Shopping Centers, and other appropriate scenarios.

The Milestone Community Kickstarter program was recently launched in November 2016. Participants had one month to submit their integration ideas to Milestone and those ideas would then be reviewed and narrowed down to five finalists. Those finalist would compete for the grand prize of US$10,000 cash, US$40,000 in marketing and development services, and other Milestone assistance. All five finalists were invited to MIPS 2017 in San Antonio, where they could present their ideas and solutions to other Community members, as well as to the Milestone Product Advisory Board, who then made the final selection.

“From the moment we were selected as a finalist, we knew that we would receive a lot of exposure and a lot of feedback from the Milestone Community,” comments Ciurte Ovidiu, Product Owner of Parking Spotter. “During those three days we had the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback from a lot of the industry leaders. This was one of the most important things in my opinion.”

The Parking Spotter solution is a brilliant way to highlight how a fairly simple integration can provide such great value. This integration is an effective use of the XProtect software to handle camera integration.

As the Milestone Kickstarter 2017 winner, Parking Spotter will receive development help from Milestone to complete their solution. Once the solution is completed, the team will get assistance in formulating a messaging platform and a go-to-market strategy for the application. Preliminary work on this phase of the process is already underway, as Parking Spotter representatives had an exclusive one-hour session at MIPS with Milestone Vice President of Marketing, Kirsten Højland.

“One of the biggest advantages of the Milestone Community is being able to tap into all of the great innovation that goes on in the Community and to bring that innovation forward so that other Community members can take advantage of it,” commented Mikkel Winther. “I think Parking Spotter is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when we open up our platform and enable others to innovate using our technology. I can’t wait to see what the team behind Parking Spotter can accomplish and how it will benefit customers and companies alike.”