Patriot One and Xtract Technologies Sign Artificial Intelligence Collaboration Agreement

Patriot One Xtract

Patriot One Technologies announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Xtract Technologies to develop and improve new products and services, explore the potential for joint research and development activities and consider the feasibility of future strategic alternatives.

Xtract will work closely with three of the PATSCAN platform component teams—CMR, TMS and VRS—to explore how artificial intelligence technology can augment multiple data sets, such as people and threat objects, to enhance sensor threat-detection performance. In addition, the Xtract team will examine ways data fusion between the three sensor solutions can enhance overall platform effectiveness.

“We’re excited to begin collaborating with Patriot One, a company that’s demonstrated leadership in global threat detection and security-focused technology development,” said Kevin O’Neill, CEO of Xtract.

“We’re confident that artificial intelligence technology can deliver improved results, further enhancing the PATSCAN Platform’s class-leading performance.”

“Xtract will be a valuable partner on this strategic project,” said Martin Cronin, CEO of Patriot One.

“We’ve been truly impressed by the Xtract team and how they have delivered for both private and public organizations, giving us confidence that they will have a positive impact on the development and integration of our growing list of threat detection components.

We’ve already begun working together and anticipate positive developments within the next 30 days. This collaboration agreement is a strong example of Patriot One’s commitment to continually investing in our development to maintain the gold standard of threat detection for public safety.”

Launching a digital media marketing campaign
Coinciding with the launch of international sales, Patriot One has engaged Native Ads, Inc. (“Native Ads”) to provide and manage the Company’s digital media marketing campaign. Patriot One has entered into a services agreement with Native Ads for a total cost of approximately CAD250,000.

Neither Native Ads nor any of its directors and officers own any securities of the Company. The agreement has an initial term of six months. Native Ads will provide content development, web development, media distribution and campaign reporting and optimization.

Patriot One’s mission is to deliver innovative threat detection and counter-terrorism solutions for safer communities. The network can be covertly deployed from far perimeter to interiors across multiple weapons-restricted facilities. The PATSCAN™ Platform identifies and reports threats wherever required, including car parks, building approach, employee and public entryways, and inside facilities.

Xtract develops and commercializes artificial intelligence, machine learning architectures and deep neural network and predictive solutions utilizing its proprietary technology for public institutions and private enterprise across a variety industry sectors, including security and national defence, health care, transportation, human resources, information technology, manufacturing and the global environment.