Pedestal PRO Redefines EV Charging Stands, Introducing a Level 2 Charging Station with Integrated Security Technologies

Pedestal PRO

Pedestal PRO announced the introduction of a Level 2 EV Charging Station that revolutionizes the product category through the inclusion of technology-driven security capabilities within the charger’s pedestal.

The new EV Stations support one to four 40 Amp or 80 Amp chargers and the option to add surveillance cameras, emergency response communications, access control, and other security or IoT edge devices specified by the customer.

Versatile Charging Solutions

Pedestal Pro’s paradigm-shifting model transforms traditionally siloed EV charging solutions into part of a site’s centrally managed technology ecosystem.

Property owners can monitor the health and status of EV charging functions, control the price-per-kWh, and manage the pedestal’s security devices through an intuitive web-based dashboard.

Dedicated Mounting Space Dedicated Mounting Space

Furthermore, cameras and other devices that are compatible with sitewide security platforms enable integration of security video and data from the EV chargers into VMS, access control, and other security systems. The charger stand’s interior, equipped with high-voltage and low-voltage electronics, provides dedicated mounting space that conforms to the desired devices’ specifications.

Pedestal Pro has paired premium aesthetics with industrial-grade construction to create an EV Charging Stand that enhances the look of any property and is designed to last.

Its NEMA-4-rated housing is built with a zinc-primed, powder coated steel body and side panels, features attractive status lighting for each charger, and may be ordered with custom colors, lettering, and graphics to accommodate custom branding without slowing down the production timeline. No minimum quantities are required.

In entering the Level 2 Charging market, Pedestal Pro plans to expand the national footprint of available chargers while seeking to eliminate the problems traditionally associated with the product category. In May 2023, JD Power reported that one in five EV vehicle drivers sought out a public charger only to find it inoperable.1 The most common reasons for charging session failures were station connectivity (55%), internal station faults (38%), and broken charging connectors or cables (4%).2 Thefts of copper total more than $1 billion annually3, and EV Charging cables are prime targets for thieves.

Efficient Downtime Management

Pedestal Pro’s stations are designed to minimize downtime and improve the experience of property owner operators and EV drivers. Cloud-based notifications to a central network allow the chargers to self-report faults and downtime, prompting expedited maintenance or repairs. LTE cellular and Wi-Fi ensure reliable connectivity with the cloud; the devices can also transmit over wireless mesh in underground garages and other areas lacking strong cellular communications.

User-Friendly Mobile App

A mobile app helps drivers find charging stations, define their charging preferences, record their charging metrics, and more. Built-in cameras, when integrated with VMS and analytics solutions, can deter bad actors from cutting cables and vandalizing cars, and potentially identify and report suspicious behaviors.

Video Analytics for Policy Enforcement

Video analytics have the potential to measure dwell time, assisting property owners to enforce policies requiring drivers to move their vehicles once charging is complete. With open integration capabilities, the potential exists for seamless integration with access control systems to speed up payment; workers could use their access fobs or mobile credentials to pay for charging or take advantage of free or subsidized charging as an employee perk.

By leveraging technology to keep chargers up and running, streamlining the user experience, and providing four chargers per stand instead of the traditional two, each station may generate more than double the revenue of first-generation chargers, thereby paying for itself in as few as 18 months.

Pike Goss, Founder and CEO of Pedestal Pro, shared,

“Pedestal Pro has built its reputation on creating solutions that address the market’s desire for top quality, flexible solutions that are easy to customize, order, install, and maintain. These principles have made us the industry leader in pedestal manufacturing. We expect the same success with our Level 2 EV Charging Stations. Our stand’s novel design, thoughtful engineering, and expanded function beyond a single-purpose unit ensure retailers and property managers will quickly reap a return on investment. With those advantages, we expect our solution to ultimately dominate the Level 2 public charger category.”

Pedestal Pro’s Level 2 Charging Station will be displayed at ISC West in Las Vegas, April 10-12, Stand 15121. The company welcomes systems integrators, security decision-makers, and potential technology partners to come see why EV Charging Stations should be on the radar of any security provider or stakeholder. Deliveries of Pedestal Pro’s Charging Stands will begin Q3, 2024. Visit to learn more.

Pedestal PRO is the manufacturer for access control pedestals and supports a global network of systems integrators and security professionals. Pedestal PRO stocks over 150 SKUs and provides free engineering and design for custom projects. visit:

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