Pedestal PRO

Pedestal PRO / Convergint Technologies Partnership Keeps Project On Track During COVID Crisis

Pedestal PRO in partnership with Convergint Technologies has released a case study highlighting the emergency design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of custom, architectural stanchions necessary for the recent grand opening of a luxury high-rise California apartment complex amidst the COVID-19 shut-down. From the time Convergint placed its orders, Pedestal PRO designed and manufactured several custom stainless-steel towers to house Lenel OnGuard readers and 2N IP Intercom stations and had them delivered on-site in less than a week.

Pedestal PRO Introduces Ready-Made Premium Pedestal Solutions for 2N IP Verso Intercom Systems

Pedestal PRO has introduced a line of purpose-built pedestal solutions designed for use with the 2N IP Verso security intercom system. Integrators and 2N customers can choose from a selection of pedestal and housing options that provide the most elegant presentation of their 2N IP Verso units in settings that preclude wall-mounting. Pedestals are available in various heights and colors and maybe paired with attractive housings.

New ProdataKey and Pedestal PRO Partnership Delivers Quality, Convenience and Value to PDK Customers

ProdataKey announced a partnership to offer three custom pedestal solutions designed for turnkey mounting of pdk io readers. The pedestals allows for reader placement in free-standing locations where wall-mounting is not possible, including lobbies, entryways, parking lots, office space and gated properties. As all pedestal dimensions and mounting holes align perfectly with pdk io devices, PDK dealers benefit from simplified installation and consistently clean, precise mounting.