Gov Perry Approves $86 Million Budget for Border Security

Perry approves $86 million budget for border security

Texas lawmakers on Monday approved a plan by Gov. Rick Perry to increase spending on border security.

The Legislative Budget Board unanimously approved $86 million to fund the extended deployment of state troopers and the Texas National Guard at the US-Mexico border.

Perry’s plan is that nearly 1,000 of the guardsmen at the Rio Grande Valley will go home by April, and the state will replace them with a mix of additional state troopers and technology.

“When people are dealing with the spending limits and they are questioning whether or not we are spending too much, they need to know that we identified the priorities,” said Rep. Sylvester Turner. “This is the cost and somebody has to pay the tab. Unfortunately, that happens to be the people of the state of Texas.”

The additional funding means state troopers and more surveillance cameras can take their place.

Illegal crossings into Texas have slowed dramatically since a surge of immigrants this summer prompted Perry’s order.