Proven Sales & Technology Leader Greg Harman Announced as Stonelock Regional Director of Sales

Greg Harman

StoneLock announced Greg Harman as the company’s new Regional Director of Sales. With an in-depth knowledge of sales, cloud-based solutions, technology, and enterprise security, Harman will provide strategic leadership to StoneLock’s North America sales team as the company continues unprecedented growth and expansion.  

Prior to joining StoneLock, Harman oversaw the successful launch of cloud-based access control solutions targeting the North American market, tripling the expected revenue.

Harman’s unique sales processes have resulted in upwards to $100M in revenue across diverse verticals, including property management, government, and financial.

Throughout his 15+ years in the industry, Harman has originated custom sales training programs to support international organizations in the transition away from traditional commercial security sales, training thousands of sales reps in a cloud-based alternative along the way.

Harman’s dynamic methodology and industry expertise surrounding generating recurring monthly revenue have been sought out by companies throughout the Americas. 

“Harman’s proprietary sales processes have garnered widespread attention and overwhelming success in the industry,” said CEO and Co-Founder Colleen Dunlap.

“His breadth of understanding of enterprise security coupled with remarkably successful product launches surmounts our expectations for an ideal candidate. We are thrilled to have Harman lead us into the future of StoneLock and, ultimately, the future of faceless security.”

“I am extremely excited to join StoneLock at such an exciting time for the company, and the industry at large. The demand for contactless biometrics has exploded and we are in a key position to lead in this space as the technology gains mass adoption,” said Harman.

“StoneLock’s people, technology, and vision attracted me to the organization and I am proud to be part of this amazing team.”

This announcement comes as the company readies to unveil a new enterprise-level access control solution amidst rapid growth and expansion.

StoneLock is a leader in the design and manufacturing of biometric access control solutions. Providing a best-in-class solution for both security and privacy, StoneLock offers rapid, reliable authentication of users while providing ease of use for both users and administrators of the system.