StoneLock Announces Yanik Brunet as New General Manager

Stonelock Yanik Brunet

StoneLock announced Yanik Brunet as the company’s new General Manager.  Bringing three decades of experience transforming technology companies into industry leaders and innovators, Brunet will lead StoneLock’s expansion while driving company culture and vision as the company prepares to launch a new product this year.  

“Yanik has been at the highest levels of enterprise security for many years and is regarded as one of the finest leaders and innovative trailblazers amidst his industry peers and colleagues,” said CEO and Co-Founder Colleen Dunlap.

“His wide-ranging experience across the security industry and emerging new technologies will accelerate StoneLock’s recognition as the preferred provider for the design and manufacturing of advanced biometric products for access control.”

“The work we’ve done in the past will help revolutionize the biometric space. Our new product is defining the gold standard for the ease of use a client should expect while setting new expectations on how a biometric solution can be used to both protect user privacy and strengthen building security without compromise,”  said Brunet.

“I expect StoneLock to become the market leader because of it.”  

As General Manager, Brunet will oversee the overall operations of the company, including product development, marketing, sales and customer success programming, while setting a revolutionary and disruptive vision for the company aligned with wide adoption of StoneLock as the biometric solution of choice for enterprises of all sizes.

Prior to joining StoneLock, Brunet led the implementation of new go-to-market strategies for a leading access control product that generated over $40 million in revenue. He additionally brings two decades of experience leading high-performing regional and national sales teams.

This announcement comes as the company readies to unveil a new enterprise-level access control solution amidst rapid growth and expansion.

StoneLock offers rapid, reliable authentication of users while providing ease of use for both users and administrators of the system.