Access Management

Major Airports Turn to HID Global to Help Navigate Bumpy Travel Industry Recovery

As airports navigate an uneven return to pre-pandemic operations, many of the largest are using HID SAFE for Aviation as a unified physical identity and access management solution for defending against security and safety threats while consolidating, automating, and simplifying associated administrative and regulatory processes.

New Multihousing Access Feature Enhances Flexibility for Residents

Mobile Key and PIN Code Options Allow Visitor Access Management Property managers can now put more access control management in the hands of their residents without compromising security. dormakaba’s new Community™ software Resident Visitor Management feature gives multihousing properties a competitive advantage by adding convenience and value-added services for residents. With the Resident Visitor Management […]

HID Global Expands Digital Certificate Family to Secure Downloaded Software

HID Global announced it has expanded its digital certificate family to offer an Extended Validation Code Signing certificate that protects software from tampering and forgery. Customers who download software that has been digitally signed with the IdenTrust® TrustID® EV CS certificates can identify the source and launch its applications or other code without receiving an “Unknown Publisher” warning.

ACRE, Alert Enterprise Announce Strategic Alliance

ACRE announced that ACRE, Vanderbilt and its subsidiaries, has entered into a strategic alliance with AlertEnterprise to expand and diversify technology options for customers. The AlertEnterprise suite of security convergence software, including its Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solution, combined with the Vanderbilt Security Management Solution (SMS), will offer predictive analytics, compliance and advanced insider threat management capabilities to customers.