Intelligent Video Surveillance From Bosch For An Offshore Drill Site In Alaska

Oooguruk drill site (ODS), is an important location for Caelus Natural Resources Alaska, LLC. Over 30 million barrels of oil have already been produced from Oooguruk since 2008, but the drill site in Alaska’s North Slope region is also frequented by polar bears. An intelligent security system helps to spot them. The technology has to recognize the animals as early as possible and function reliably.

Effort Takes Off To Improve Security At Merrill Field, Anchorage

It’s relatively easy to get out to Merrill Field and get an up-close look at all the airplanes there. It may not be that way much longer. The Anchorage Assembly approved a request to apply for a nearly $2.4 million federal grant and a $78,125 state grant. The combined nearly $2.5 million would be used […]