NETAVIS Upgrades NVR to Combat Shellshock/Bashdoor

Shellshock, also known as Bashdoor, is a family of security bugs within Linux and Mac OS X which was disclosed in the end of September. This vulnerability of the Unix Bash shell is also part of CentOS, the operating system which is the base of NETAVIS Observer Bundled versions. To close this security vulnerability, NETAVIS updated the Unix Bash shell in the software version Observer 4.5.2 which is ready for download at

NVR Units Are Vulnerable to Shellshock/Bashdoor

Due to many video surveillance NVR recording devices implementing Linux and Unix-derivative operating systems, SecurityHive thought it was important to post information about this known security vulnerability. If you have an IP-based NVR solution in your environment, we encourage you to contact your manufacturer to determine if you need to take action to protect your system from this known issue.

QNAP Releases New NAS Products for Video Surveillance Storage

QNAP® Systems, Inc. announced the release of the new tower-based Turbo NAS TS-x53 Pro series (available in 2, 4, 6, 8-bay) and the 2.5”-drive SS-x53 Pro series (4 and 8-bay) that provide a powerful and reliable solution for video storage and mission-critical business applications for small and medium businesses. Coupled with exclusive QvPC Technology, these new series can serve as cost-effective PC substitutes that enable direct access to stored data, real-time surveillance monitoring with local display, XBMC digital entertainment, and more.

VIVOTEK 8-Channel Standalone NVR Storage Unit

VIVOTEK ND8321 is a compact Linux embedded 8-Channel standalone desktop Network Video Recorder (NVR) designed for any small-scale video surveillance installation. ND8321 achieves non-screwdriver installation, and facilitates "One Button Setup" with its plug & play and auto setup functionality. Supporting Full HD HDMI local video output, users can control the GUI interface via mouse and […]

WavestoreUSA Introduces Enterprise Line Of Servers And Storage

WavestoreUSA, a provider of professional digital video and audio recording solutions for video surveillance applications, announces the release of a newly redesigned E-Series, including the introduction the WS-E4S Network Video Server. The E-Series, offering the WS-E2S (NVS), WS-E3S (NVS, HVS HDVS), and now, the WS-E4S (NVS), is the most scalable enterprise class of digital video […]

NUUO Launches Crystal: Secure And Powerful Linux Enterprise VMS Solution

NUUO Inc. has launched its latest Linux enterprise solution – The NUUO Crystal. This flagship system features the latest innovation in VMS and is expected to become an ideal choice for those looking for scalable VMS solutions. Linux has been adopted by Enterprise as their choice for enterprise solution in recent years. Secure, feature-rich, and […]

Mini-PCs Support Analog And IP-Camera Surveillance

CompuLab unveiled two Linux-friendly, x86 based surveillance oriented mini-PCs: the Fit-CCTV supports 16 analog cameras, and the Fit-PoE supports four PoE-fueled IP cameras. In September, CompuLab announced the first four customized versions of its x86-based, 16 x 19 x 4cm Fit-PC and more powerful Intense PC mini-PCs. The fanless computers, which support 40 to 70°C extended temperature operation, were customized using CompuLab’s FACE (Function And Connectivity Extension) mezzanine module expansion socket to offer more gigabit Ethernet ports (Fit-MultiLAN), more serial and CAN ports (Fit-MultiSer), more Mini-PCI-Express sockets (Fit-MultiPCIe), and more USB ports (Fit-MultiUSB3). Fit-CCTV (click image to enlarge)   Now CompuLab is addressing the surveillance market with the FACE-customized Fit-CCTV for analog video and Fit-PoE for IP video. There are actually four major models available, when you include the two systems based on the Intel Core i7 (3rd Gen./Ivy Bridge) based Intense PC: the Intense CCTV Pro and Intense PoE Pro. Customized versions can also be ordered that are built around the high-end, microserver focused uSVR , or the Fit-PC3i , which adds a second gigabit Ethernet port and a second HDMI port compared to the Fit-PC3. The uSVR version of the CCTV product is shown below. uSVR version of CCTV with AV cables (click image to enlarge)   Here, we’ll focus on the Intense- and Fit-PC3 based models in their Pro, Barebone configurations. The Intense models are also available in Core i3-based PC Business models, among other variations. The Fit-PC3 models are also available in LP models, which […]

AirLive Introduces New Network Video Recorder CoreNVR 9

By Andy Ball on November 13, 2013 airlive AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipments, introduced a new 9-channel network video recorder AirLive CoreNVR 9. The new addition to the wide variety of AirLive surveillance system products is the new, 9-channel Network Video Recorder AirLive CoreNVR 9. It is a device designed for smaller IP camera surveillance systems. As the description suggests, it is possible to connect up to 9 IP cameras with maximal resolution up to 5 megapixels. AirLive cameras on the network are automatically recognised and connected. AirLive CoreNVR 9 is built on the ARM Cortex A9 processor and embedded linux operating system. With its detailed and fully configurable software enhancements and high ease of use, CoreNVR 9 can replace a separate computer running surveillance software (eg. CamPro Professional). It contains almost all the features that users expect from a modern video surveillance system, including configurable motion detection, camera protection against attack or misuse, user configurable alarms, disk failure diagnostic, and can alert the operator in several different ways, from acoustic or visual signal, through an e-mail notification, or sending the notice to the HTTP or FTP server. A pleasant side effect of using AirLive CoreNVR 9 is reduced noise, power consumption and space requirements. User don’t need to worry about the storage capacity. AirLive CoreNVR 9 can be fitted with two fixed SATA II hard drives with capacity up to 3TB, plus is equipped with an external eSATA connector that allows […]