It was a brilliant 3 days of meetings, networking, keynotes, workshops and awards. Get the official DISTREE closing press release for an overview of this year’s EMEA event.

Les Assises de la Securite et des Systemes d’Information

Welcome to the 17th edition of Les Assises in Monaco from 11 to 14 October 2017 Following a very busy start to the year for the ISS sector highlighting the status of the threat but also the need for companies to acquire greater expertise, Les Assises is clearly the top cybersecurity event in France. From […]

IP Video Secures Beautiful Monaco

13-12-2013 Nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Europe, the Principality of Monaco is an international hub of wealth and enterprise. People of 119 nationalities live here together successfully. Bankers, businessmen and entrepreneurs, people from all walks of life, mingle together in Monaco, which over time has developed into one of the most cosmopolitan and popular states in the world. One reason for this popularity is the low criminality in the principality, the result, among other things, of many years of IP video surveillance. The Monégasque government has been using a video surveillance system for a number of years to ensure peace and security throughout the state. However, the analogue system with a manually controlled tape recording had ceased to be suitable a long time ago. For only a portion of the available cameras were being recorded, while the expenses for the regular maintenance works and the exchange of video tapes were very high. On top of this the search for relevant image sequences within the recording was time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, the decision was made to install a digital system. In 2005, the contract for the installation was awarded to the German manufacturer Dallmeier, which had already successfully realised the video surveillance system at the Casino Monte-Carlo. The company developed a custom-made video surveillance solution which met the customer’s requirements regarding quality and ease of use. Dallmeier had designed a hybrid solution in which the existing system could be converted step by step to a […]