AMG Partners With Norbain To Promote 360-degree IP-Cameras

The 360 degree market is now maturing fast. There are already signs that 360 degree fisheye cameras are becoming mainstream and will be adopted naturally as part of the solution in many or most new CCTV installations. 360 degree cameras will be rolled out as part of the general trend where analog CCTV is gradually […]

Giroptic 360-Degree Camera Passes Half A Million Raised On Kickstarter

The nascent market for 360-degree cameras is getting more crowded. Meet Giroptic, which joins the likes of Bublcam, Centr Cam and Panono in building hardware to capture a more fuller picture of what’s going on around you. Giroptic is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to put its prototype egg-shaped 360-degree camera into […]

VIVOTEK Integrates Latest Security Solution Technologies With AxxonSoft’s VMS

VIVOTEK has announced successful integration of two of its latest security solution technologies with AxxonSoft ’s widely used Axxon Next video management software (VMS). The first integration move allows Axxon Next users to transparently access and control VIVOTEK’s sophisticated Panoramic PTZ feature as implemented on two coordinated VIVOTEK cameras. In a further move, VIVOTEK has […]