Int’l Exhibition of Security and Fire Protection Equipment and Products

Securika Moscow 2018

The 24th International exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products . Visitors of the exhibition are security systems installation specialists, employees of retailers and wholesale distributors, security systems and equipment operating engineers. At the exhibition they have an opportunity in a short time to observe a large variety of security and fire protection […]

Securika Moscow

Int’l Protection, Security and Fire-Fighting Exhibition

Securika Krasnodar

Securika Krasnodar is the leading exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products in the South of Russia.

ZeroNights 2017

There are no invulnerable systems. There are only well-defended ones. And there should be no place for illusions in the quest for a well-defended system. Star speakers from various countries will help you disavow myths, dispel delusions, and assess the actual security level of one system or another. You will know how hackers plan their […]

US Government Bans Agencies From Using Russian Cybersecurity Software Over Spying Fears

The US government has banned federal agencies from using Kaspersky Lab security software, a Russian company, over concerns it may be tied to state-sponsored espionage. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke has issued a directive given at least six federal agencies a timeline to get rid of the software from government networks.

Positive Hack Days (Phd7)

In an age when everyone is increasingly connected, the people of Positive Technologies created a unique event to unite the information security community. Elite hackers and global leaders come together to experience information security issues directly through collaboration and competition. PHDays combines the professionalism of a huge research community with the excitement of hacking competitions. […]

ALL- OVER- IP Expo 2017 – Moscow, Russia

All-over-IP Expo offers vendors and suppliers an integrated approach to product and services promotion as well as intercourse with customers. The combination various networking activities (expo, seminars, arranged meetings, club events, keynote-speeches) with leading Russian vendors, resellers, system integrators and carefully pre-qualified customers allows global vendors to gain a higher ROI than at any other […]

Intergrated System Russia 2016

The largest gathering of AV consultants, Systems Integrators and actual users from government, institutional, corporate and private business, positions your company at an advantages.


The goal of each state is maintenance of law and order, reliable protection of constitutional rights and liberties of the citizens, their lives and health. Creation of the efficient system for successful implementation of this task requires consolidation of efforts of all law enforcement bodies and agencies, research institutions, industrial enterprises. To my mind hat […]

Securika Siberia

Securika Siberia is Siberia’s only Exhibition of Equipment, Systems and Facilities Providing Human Life Safety, Security and Protection.

TB Forum 2015

20th International Exhibition and Forum SECURITY AND SAFETY TECHNOLOGIES / TB Forum 2015 TB Forum is a platform to discuss supply and demand, requirements and opportunities, and to conduct real business. Here the agenda is formed and the industry interacts with customers and within itself. Extended Business program of TB Congress and TB Academy. Intense […]

Samsung Techwin Video Surveillance Solution For Prestigious Business Centre

By Samsung Techwin Europe Limited NewsDesk on February 26, 2014 Paveletskaya Plaza (1) (2) Samsung Techwin cameras are at the heart of a network video surveillance system installed at Paveletskaya Plaza , one of the most prestigious business centres in Moscow. Despite tough worldwide trading conditions, Russia is enjoying strong growth in its economy and this is reflected in the increasing demand for office accommodation from international organisations, as well as locally based businesses in Moscow.  Developers have responded to the shortfall in the availability of high quality commercial space with a dramatic acceleration in the number of building projects. By the end of 2014, Russia’s capital is expected to be able to boast four of the five tallest buildings in Europe, whilst many prestigious projects have already been completed, including the highly impressive Paveletskaya Plaza complex. Paveletskaya Plaza, which is constructed in the same architectural style as the adjacent Paveletskaya Railway Station, comprises two 12 storey and one 27 storeys tower. Collectively the buildings offer 65,000 m² of office accommodation fully fitted with the most modern technologies to provide tenants, which include Adecco, Allianz, Nestle and Tommy Hilfiger, with the most comfortable and stress-free working conditions. On site there are also several bank branches, a translations bureau, a printing centre and a travel agency, as well as shops, boutiques and restaurants for the benefit of office staff and visitors. Electronic security and network specialists, YECONS Technology Solutions, were awarded the contract to install the video surveillance system, said: ”It […]

Russia’s Olympic Wall Of Security Surrounds Sochi

Russia’s Olympic wall of security surrounds Sochi Quotation from BBC News, Sochi As you drive towards Sochi along the road, you have to go through a huge concrete checkpoint in the tiny hamlet of Magri, around 60 miles (100 km) short of the city centre. For the duration of the Winter Olympics only vehicles registered in Sochi – and those with special permission – are being allowed through the checkpoint. We watched as every bus, truck and car was thoroughly searched by police officers with sniffer dogs. The checkpoint is being overseen by Russia’s internal security service, the FSB. Apart from the road, and the single railway line, Sochi is effectively cut off from the outside world. It is a long coastal strip bordered by the Caucasus Mountains to the north-east and the Black Sea to the south-west. The border crossing to Abkhazia – a region of Georgia which has declared independence – is shut to vehicles for the duration of the Games. In the sea off the Olympic Park we spotted high-speed naval boats and a mysterious ship bristling with communications masts. Named “Seliger”, it was commissioned in December 2012 and was described at the time as a “deep-sea research vessel”. The mountains are being guarded by the Russian army. The Olympics are split between the “coastal cluster” of ice rinks by the Black Sea in the Sochi suburb of Adler, and the “mountain cluster” of skiing and sliding events at Krasnaya Polyana. All along the road between […]

Sochi Visitors Face Armed Guards, Full-Body Scanners, Security Cameras

Online Games Government Grants Parking Tickets On guard: Military police officers at a train station in Sochi. Photo: Reuters Sochi: Fans of downhill skiing would be forgiven for thinking they had arrived at a military base when showing up in Sochi for the Winter Olympics. Ticket holders must walk under an array of cameras hooked up to face -recognition software before traversing the checkpoints and the mesh fences to make their way beyond the armed guards . If picked out, they then have to step into a full-body scanner. All spectators must pass through metal detectors twice and present their documents three times. "The guests are the lucky ones," said a man who works for a logistics company that helped organise the opening ceremony. "The staff isn’t. I spend hours getting through security checks every day." While heightened scrutiny is the norm at such events, the edges are sharper in the Russian Black Sea resort town following a spate of terrorist bombings that killed more than 30 people. An Islamic militant group last week posted a video threatening to deliver a "present" for visitors to Sochi, which was sealed off on January 7 as Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged to do everything to make the games safe without "depressing participants". The government has deployed 40,000 police and special services officers. "Of course these measures are a bit annoying," said the head of Russia’s curling federation,  Dmitry Svishev. "But then you think about what efforts are taken to guarantee the […]

Before The Olympics Sochi Got 78 AvtoUragan ANPR And Video Recording Complexes

AvtoUragan ANPR and traffic video recording systems will watch the safety and respect to rules on the roads of Sochi.  Sochi is the largest resort city in Russia, it stretches along the Black Sea coast for 105 kilometers. It is obvious, that such a distance in a modern city cannot be controlled without a reliable, all-weather means of photo- and video-monitoring. On the eve of the Olympics, seventy-eight AvtoUragan ANPR and traffic video-recording complexes was installed to gain control and safety on the roads within the framework of Intelligent Transport System (ITS). AvtoUragan ANPR system for ITS Sochi More than half of installed AvtoUragan complexes are configured to measure and record the speed of vehicles using the video sequence. Other 28 systems identify the vehicles by their license plates at the entrances to the city. At the same time, the license plates recognition rate of AvtoUragan systems in daylight conditions is 97%, and radio scanners cannot detect the installation place and operation of the complex! 5 other systems record the red light violations at the key intersections of the city. Later, during the Games, these AvtoUragan complexes will record the vehicles, which violate the rule of prohibited use of special lanes for Olympic traffic. 78 AvtoUragan ANPR system for Sochi AvtoUragan complexes were selected for Sochi ITS because of the fact that this stationary system is the most reliable and feature-rich. It identifies the license plates in conditions of poor visibility, measures the speed using the video sequence, and […]